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a piece of harmonized music

singing in harmony

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Another delegate surprised by Romanet was South African administrator Rob de Kock, who is chairing an IFHA working group on the harmonisation of raceday rules.
The purpose of the study is to evaluate the practical problems caused by the lack of harmonisation of the conflict of laws rules concerning companies and the possibilities for harmonising such rules, if necessary in combination with a harmonisation of certain matters of procedure or substantive law.
SDLP leader Mark Durkanlaunched a paper Shaping An All-Island Economy, which said the creation of such an economy could only be achieved with a greater degree of tax harmonisation.
She replied: "All these issues are about member states getting the correct tax at the right time, it's not about harmonisation.
Harmonisation, Extraterritoriality and Production and Processing Methods.
But Britain, which will not be in the single currency, favours less radical harmonisation of taxes on companies and goods.
These three sources of tension are thoroughly analysed in this study on the basis of the case law of the European Court of Justice, the decision practice of the European Commission in competition cases and Community harmonisation measures in the fields of the environment, consumer policy, public health and culture.
Chancellor Mr Gordon Brown's opposition to full tax harmonisation across Europe was backed by the Brussels Commission yesterday.
After early attempts at horizontal harmonisation failed, a piecemeal legislative approach was adopted, and has resulted in an inharmonious coexistence of numerous sectoral Community measures concerning fair trading.
In particular he underlined Britain's opposition to any moves towards EU tax harmonisation.
The Agreements will be signed between Harmonisation Limited, the company formed by the government to manage the development and implementation of the project, and the Tavistock Group, a private investment company with a successful track record for creating world-class communities including the renowned Isleworth and Lake Nona Golf & Country Clubs in Florida.
However, with the appointment of a pro-EU Director of Pharmaceuticals at the Directorate of Pharmaceuticals of the Ministry of Health, international disquiet looks set to decline as the process of harmonisation gathers pace.
Other areas covered include, among others, the European Commission's Green Paper on Financial Services, EU tax harmonisation of direct taxes, the implementation of the Prospectus Directive, "liquid" shares, asset backed securities, and the impact of the Capital Requirements Directive.
The harmonisation of Cyprus agricultural sector with the acquis communautaire
6, the latest release, incorporates support for the International Standards Team Harmonisation (ISTH) collaboration initiative's deliverable, an XML core payment kernel for corporate-to-bank payment initiation and status messages.