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involving or characterized by harmony

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F0 exhibited the same as above in response to presence of vocal and harmonical instrument sounds.
Frontal harmonical transmission (in Romanian), Patent Romania, No.
Optimizing the functional design of the frontal harmonical transmission (in Romanian), Doctoral Thesis, University "Politehnica" Timisoara,
Braun believes the Jewish idiom usually coincides with episodes of high harmonical tension and sharp dissonance.
2) The countless subtle harmonical proportions built into the world were God's poem.
Think Iggy and Lemmy and some blazing harmonical guitar solos for good measure, brother.
Under the name Harmonical Proportion this is discussed by Partch in Genesis of a Music, 70-71, 89, 103-105.
harmonical can call the tune in the Restricted Race.
As we can see, the standard obtained differs greatly from the form of the harmonical single-oscillation.
After the superposition of the harmonical responses, the structure's tip vibration is depicted in Fig.
It was supposed a horizontal displacement excitation that had, in a first approximation, a harmonical expression.