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a thin straight surgical knife used in dissection and surgery

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With the uterus on significant tension, initial cauterization with the bipolar forceps is performed before ligating the vessels with the harmonic scalpel.
From this point on, with emphasis on minimal touch of the artery by instruments, we carefully dissected with harmonic scalpel to the RA pedicle, including satellite veins, from the surrounding tissues; In both techniques, the tissue was dissected at least 1 cm away from the artery.
Tracheal tube damage by Harmonic Scalpel during tonsillectomy].
Seven days after patients with a total of three grade 3 or 4 hemorrhoids underwent a hemorrhoidectomy in a single-blind, randomized trial, the median postoperative pain score (assessed pain with a visual analog score) for the 24 patients in the Ligasure group was significantly lower than that for 23 patients in the Harmonic Scalpel group (2.
The harmonic scalpel works by sending an ultra-sound wave along two blades.
Mr Matthews said: "Unlike the time-honoured surgical scalpel, which depends on the force of the blade to cut tissues, leading both to trauma to the tissues and bleeding which has to be stopped, the harmonic scalpel depends on very high frequency vibration of its blade to part tissues.
Although the minimally invasive version of the surgery - performed with a device called a harmonic scalpel - has been around since 1991, it is new enough to not be widely known.
Economou may utilize an Ethicon harmonic scalpel that uses ultrasonic energy to perform parts of the tummy tuck surgery.
In the Life Sciences market, Rulon[R] components were selected for high-performance clinical chemical analyzer systems and harmonic scalpel surgical tooling, and in the Aerospace market, the material was used on the Mars Rover Curiosity's robotic arms, drill tools and surface removal tools.
Among the various methods of primary transnasal resection of advanced-stage JNAs that have been described in the literature are the harmonic scalpel, laser, microdebrider, and cold-knife instrumentation?
We aimed to share our experience of harvesting IMA by using ultrasound harmonic scalpel (Harmonic Scalpel, Ethicon, Cincinnati, USA) in 158 patients for a time period between September 2005 and September 2006.
The pounds 30,000 harmonic scalpel allows surgeons at University Hospital Aintree, Fazakerley, to halve operation and waiting times for liver cancer patients.
Hemorrhoids have been frozen, heated, strangled with rubber bands, cut with a harmonic scalpel, and--most recently--stapled into submission.
Contract notice: Delivery of equipment for the harmonic scalpel and surgical haul - 2 packages.
Instruments typically utilized during these procedures include monopolar scissors, bipolar coagulation, and the Harmonic scalpel.