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(mathematics) a progression of terms whose reciprocals form an arithmetic progression

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First, Burnham chose examples that together provide a variety of harmonic progressions, including special chromatic types (e.
This concept is intended to be expanded by using more complex harmonic progressions in both major and minor keys based on actual compositions of the standard jazz repertory, and through the introduction of new chord voicings in different string-sets and positions of the guitar to increase the available note range of the improvised melodies and general familiarity of the guitar fingerboard.
The structural pattern of the blues is a basic twelve-bar lyric framework of a blues composition which is reflected by a standard harmonic progression of twelve bars, in 4/4 or (rarely) 2/4 time.
The quartet (particularly its third movement) has that overall mood of austerity and understated beauty found in Satie, but the sense of a single line (rather than a differentiation of melody with accompaniment), the disjunct voice leading, and the fragmentation of the harmonic progression combine to produce a score that is distinctly Cagean.
The student who has some experience in a notation system, key signatures, harmonic progression and primary chords will quickly adjust to the system.
instances in which the band was elasticizing (or suppressing) the harmonic progression, withholding the crucial musical cues that make apparent the hypermeter and larger divisions of tune form;
He recalled that one of his teachers would tell him, " `You have to analyze every single note and every harmonic progression and then 10 minutes before (the performance) forget about it and let the child take over.
Skill 4: Improvise rhythm patterns over the harmonic progression.
In his discussion of harmonic progression Forte begins to indicate similarities between this repertory and an understanding of classical tonality, while also highlighting the possibility of departure: 'harmonic progression in this repertoire follows the syntax of classical music but has its own idiosyncrasies' (p.
It is obvious that these quartets will not contain the kind of masterly control of vocabulary, syntax and scoring found in the mature quartets of Haydn and Mozart, but they are by no means unrewarding for the players; the cut of the thematic material is often appealing, and the occasional harmonic progression is very arresting.
In this way it may be possible to introduce contrapuntal elements to a harmonic progression of nonharmonic sonorities.
Ask them to place a few stacked fifths in succession to create an interesting harmonic progression.
The three chords repeating throughout continue into a fade, leaving the mysteries of the impressionistic lyrics floating in the air and the harmonic progression unresolved.
The recorded sound is warm but rather dry, which works quite well for all three pieces, all of which are quite emotional enough without lashings of reverberation to heighten the mood; the Debussy sonata's unsettled harmonic progression is particularly well served by both the woody tone of Lin He's violin and the room's dry acoustic.
However, in chromatic passages, it will be necessary to change the anchor tones often, following the harmonic progression.