harmonic motion

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a periodic motion in which the displacement is either symmetrical about a point or is the sum of such motions

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No doubt, Newton, Einstein and Wheeler would all have been delighted to see the simple harmonic motion demonstrated as a laboratory experiment.
Come so close they must collide Synchronised harmonic motion Like the stately palais glide I'm a girl knows how to dance 'em Quickstep, waltz and slow foxtrot Knows of boys and how to catch 'em Dream of Chinneys, eight o'clock Know the matrons, some past thirty Look at me and shake their heads Call me flirty Gerty Gone nineteen and not yet wed They say you know a clever theorem Would describe the mule gate's path Could compute the breaking tension Caused the errant yarn to snap But could your fingers do the twisting Make the yarn both whole and strong Make obeisance to the mule gate Dance in step the whole day long.
HUDSON - Members of the a cappella group Simple Harmonic Motion and members of the Pro Musica Youth Chorus will team up for a Spring Sing concert at 7 p.
Using a plastic "slinky" students model a simple harmonic motion to introduce trigonometric functions.
Take, for instance, the time variation of the vibrating string which leads to the well-known differential equation of harmonic motion (3.
Panasonic's harmonic motion software and hardware easily link the controllers of two robots enabling both robots to work together simultaneously.
In conclusion, vertical and horizontal organization - expressed as harmony and rhythm - follow parallel processes, since the harmonic motion (inharmonicity toward harmonicity) is imitated in the temporal domain by the motion of aperiodicity toward periodicity.
In other words, and in contrast to the simple harmonic motion, the uncertainties do not reverse themselves, only the precise values.