harmonic mean

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the mean of n numbers expressed as the reciprocal of the arithmetic mean of the reciprocals of the numbers

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Lastly, a straight-forward mathematical concept called Harmonic mean is employed to improve equitable resource distribution in this work.
Definition 3: An ordered weighted harmonic mean operator of dimension n is a mapping OWHM: [R.
p] is reduced to ordinary weighted arithmetic mean and weighted harmonic mean for p = 1 and p = -1, respectively.
The values of the harmonic mean of the genotypic values (MHVG) to evaluate stability, the relative performance of the genotypic values (PRVG) for adaptability and the harmonic mean of the relative performance of the genotypic values (MHPRVG) for stability, adaptability and productivity, simultaneously, for all genotypes, were obtained according to the expressions:
The discussion on elasticity measures can be easily expanded beyond the arithmetic and geometric means to include the harmonic mean.
where H and A stands for Harmonic mean and Arithmetic mean respectively.
The power exponential mean and Contra Harmonic mean are deduced directly from weighted Arithmetic and Geometric Mean, as follows.
To validate the superiority of the CSE based on the weighted harmonic mean of COPs in comparison to the IPLV index, three types of SCOPs are compared for a specified building (building A shown in Figure 1).
If generations are overlapping, as was true for some of the 44 populations in our sample, the harmonic mean may underestimate long-term [N.
Our research compared estimates of home range size and shape that result from the various kernel methods and from the harmonic mean method.
The only agreement between any of the measures is between total time and the harmonic mean.
The program uses the various results to compute a weighted harmonic mean which gives an average transfer rate for the CD-ROM subsystem.
al [19] has introduced Fair, Efficient, and Stable adapTIVE algorithm (FESTIVE) to estimate the next segment bandwidth by using harmonic mean [20] of last 20 segments' throughput.
and by double clicking we can edit the z0 to h the harmonic mean, as shown in Figure 8.
r] = n are all divisors of n, then their harmonic mean is