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Synonyms for harmfulness

destructiveness that causes harm or injury

the quality of being noxious

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In this paper, referring to existing research findings, we further analyzed the causes to and the harmfulness of false online news as well as their identification methods.
From the viewpoint of labor protection the "dry" cutting could be considered as a continuous generator of dangerous production factors--dust, which, depending on the ground material may be of different size, chemical composition, and therefore varying harmfulness.
This criteria of reducing uncertainty is why some scientific conclusions on the harmfulness of GMOs have been reasonably rejected by the scientific community.
However, despite the harmfulness of tobacco it continues to be sold and be in demand.
Bearing in mind that whether a new trial should be granted as a remedy turns on fairness of the proceedings, (33) the harmfulness prong serves as a reminder of that purpose and helps ensure that the remedy is not used as a mechanism to punish attorney misconduct.
So, public should be well educated through electronic and print media about its harmfulness and remedies in order to overcome this problem.
Our point of departure is Luciana Boiteux's reflection about these principles in the Rome Statute (of the permanent International Criminal Court), mainly based on the principles of the Brazilian criminal law (legality, harmfulness, minimal human interventionand humanity), but adding two principles that are unique to international criminal law: complementarity (which the author claims to be unprecedented in the Rome Statute--a point of view that we disagree with) and individual international responsibility.
The Ecuadoran government has thus undermined the premise of Ecuadoran organizations and accepted Colombia's position, despite extensive evidence from the organizations on the harmfulness of the chemical mixture used by Colombia and its detection 10 km from the fumigation sites.
Although our results are reassuring to some extent, since no death has been observed since 1990, we have to remain careful since we cannot directly assess the potential harmfulness of doping through our analyses and results.
The same survey finds that Americans' attitudes toward the harmfulness of smoking and secondhand smoke have remained relatively stable over the past decade, with 82% now saying smoking is "very harmful" to adults.
Pakistan is fully aware of its harmfulness and we are determined to clean our country from this menace.
Regarding cosmetics, how does a company design an appropriate skin care strategy to fight against pollutants' harmfulness or to maintain healthy skin?
The case involves provisions from the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007, which authorizes the FDA to require companies seeking approval for new drugs and some already approved drugs that present unusual risks to submit a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) program to address "elements as necessary to assure safe use of the drug because of its inherent toxicity or potential harmfulness.