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in a detrimental manner

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It is important to restrict the ability of the member states to subsidize their fleets, so that the fleet of a compliant state--which does not issue harmful subsidies--will not be at a disadvantage in comparison to fleets from states that harmfully subsidize.
Source: Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (E-pub ahead of print) Research: Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is associated with low-grade inflammation, which may harmfully affect bone.
standing to bring allegations of harmfully inadequate regulation of
In another, "I miss you but not harmfully, if you know what I mean.
Fierce compassion is the power to confront--forcefully if necessary--someone who thinks and acts harmfully both on behalf of those he harms and on behalf of his own positive potential, his fuller personhood.
Such assumptions about the specific experiences of trans persons can be harmfully incorrect.
DAILY POST Page Expert evidence and research confirms cheaper drinks are favoured by those who drink hazardously or harmfully, and a minimum unit price would have a disproportionate targeting effect on problematic drinking.
While an Aggarwal Sweets outlet at 612-A, Sri Nagar Enclave, Shakur Basti, in Rani Bagh was found selling harmfully coloured boondi laddoo', an outlet of Domino's Pizza at CP was found to be using "substandard" maize and corn flour starch.
Although her eyes are lifted, Clerk Saunders blocks her view of the outside world through the window, again as if to signify that love blinds women by harmfully orienting them only to their man.
As well as disposing of waste illegally and harmfully, there was a breach of data protection.
If the same proves true in humans and we can identify those more susceptible to radiation's effects before they are harmfully exposed, we may be able to mitigate the damage.
Francis should also meet with some of those whose lives have been as harmfully disfigured, though invisibly, as those with physical deformities.
27) These feelings of anxiety and what Linda Colley characterized as "disorientation" are to be expected, Alexander argued, following an event or series of events "believed to have abruptly, and harmfully, affected collective identity.
They helped us to understand the issues at each stage, and this understanding enabled us to prepare statewide data about how the proposal, if passed, would harmfully impact CTE funding.
More harmfully, mission is viewed as a call for someone else.