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in a detrimental manner

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It also looked at seven types of harm drugs do to drink harmfully.
Since your list of medications tends to grow as you get older, so do the chances that you take a drug that interacts harmfully with alcohol.
The port is said to be harmfully close to a nesting site of the olive- shelled turtles which have been categorised as vulnerable.
dollar is ''one-sided,'' expressing concern that it would harmfully affect the Japanese economy.
Corrupt practices are often falsely and harmfully internalized as a cultural attribute of the country in which they have flourished.
There are thousands of us across the country who want to change our lives to live less harmfully, to connect work and daily deeds more closely to values of good work and love of nature and community.
And the world's problems are getting bigger: China is expected to slow down more dramatically and more harmfully than thought only a few months ago, asset prices around the world have still further to fall, there are serious gaps in global governance, and the world is continuing to ignore the imperative challenge of climate change.
A Government inspector has upheld Mandale's appeal against that decision, saying: "The proposal would not harmfully affect the living conditions of residents with particular reference to noise and disturbance at Hazel and Elder Courts.
Difficult as it might seem, the people of the former Yugoslavia and elsewhere in the Balkans seem to have chosen to detach their minds from what for so long has bonded them negatively and harmfully with their past.
Ships docked in the ports should be required to shut off their diesel- belching engines instead of harmfully idling them, and to plug into electric power.
In summary, FESAC finds the Presidential request for fusion research funding in FY2004 to be not only meager but also harmfully distorted.
The enthusiasm and support from the vast majority of the film industry for the initiative has been totally exhilarating, while the cynicism and small-mindedness of an entrenched minority is harmfully dispiriting at times.
And virtually nothing else would cut so harmfully against the American grain.
Alcohol may interact harmfully with more than 100 prescription and over-the-counter medications.