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Synonyms for harmful

Synonyms for harmful

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causing or capable of causing harm

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Our Commitments are a good starting point to help reduce the harmful consumption of alcohol globally; but to take the impact of our work to the next level, we need to expand this collective approach to also include other beer, wine and spirits companies, as well as retailers, governments, international organizations, and local community groups.
The MPs have also passed the draft amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan on the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development.
When asked why hookah smoking was more attractive than cigarette smoking, 60 percent of the participants in the UCLA study said it to be a trendy way of socializing, although 43 percent of hookah users agreed to the fact that smoking hookah was harmful, she added.
New Zeaaland's Harmful Digital Communications Bill will include 10 communication principles that would help Kiwi authorities determine whether or not online content is harmful or if any sensitive information was disclosed.
Another 13% deem it somewhat harmful, while 4% see it as not too or not at all harmful.
Unexcused harmful voting occurs when one votes without epistemic justification for a candidate who will probably not best serve the common good.
The first lecture will provide an introduction of the harmful practices in the international trade, while the second lecture will address the customs role in implementing the mechanism of collecting the data related to the investigations, and the third lecture will shed light on the customs role in applying the mechanism of enforcing the measures.
Within hours of departing Woods Hole on R/V Oceanus for an expedition to study harmful algae, a team led by physical oceanographer Dennis McGillicuddy and marine biologists Deana Erdner and Bruce Keafer found thousands of toxic algal cells in every liter of water sampled from the ocean.
Defend: Anabolic steroid use is especially harmful for teens because the drug speeds up growth.
Subway air is also 5 to 10 times as thick with particulate matter as street level air is, enhancing its harmful potential, the researchers say.
Prostitution is not for everybody, and it can be really harmful to women.
Of the 47 systems identified as harmful by the OECD at the turn of the century, 13 have--following further analysis--been found "not top be harmful" by OECD officials, leaving just two in the frame.
This study examined the perceptions of 247 teachers about potential helpful and harmful effects of homework on the students.
s Tornado is a washer-disinfector for cleaning and disinfecting bedpans, urinals, and other contaminated receptacles without manual labor, The Tornado helps to minimiz the spread of Clostridium difficile and other harmful bacteria associated with washing bedpans.
Reasons for avoiding soy are often loosely based on scientific studies, but a lot of times, the results have been twisted quite a bit to make the case that soy is harmful.