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The Tyneside team defeated Nottingham's Hellfire Harlots 194-137 in the championship final - both teams going into the match unbeaten.
The Crash Test Brummies and Hellfire Harlots compete at which sport in the UK?
He'd have been visiting the soup kitchens that cater for harlots, the hungry and homeless behind the Vatican.
In this world of harlots and hypocrites our fading flower Violetta was presented by Linda Richardson as a tall and elegant, rather independent courtesan whose continuous struggle between idyllic love and material dependency range true.
Dr Lucy Worsley always makes any of the history programmes she presents interesting and the latest - Harlots, Housewives and Heroines on BBC4 - manages to be both amusing and serious at the same time.
They beat London Rocking Rollers 190-121 in the first round before seeing off Nottinghamshire's Hellfire Harlots 232-105.
Vergara will be portraying the character of Madame Desdemona - the leader of a band of Mexican harlots - in the movie, which is the follow-up to Robert Rodriguez's 2010 hit 'Machete'.
Harlots, Housewives & Heroines: A 17th Century History For Girls BBC Four, Tuesday, 9pm Historian, presenter and chief curator of Historic Royal Palaces, Dr Lucy Worsley, pictured, fronts this intriguing documentary, providing an insight into the roles of women in Restoration England.
Hooligans, harlots, and hangmen; crime and punishment in Victorian Britain.
Support at the Kasbah comes from T4 Mobile Unsigned runners-up Scarlet Harlots and Example.
In another new campaign, the Birmingham agency is working with Birmingham band Scarlet Harlots to promote their debut EP release, Word is
Tomorrow, they'll compete with Birmingham band Scarlet Harlots.
Then she adds, with a wry smile, "Although in the old days we were either peasants or harlots.
The Harlots were going off, none of them could stay on stage for more than a minute, and despite the fact that the singer had a faux-hawk they kicked ass and were fun as hell.
Katie (right), one of many harlots in the village, leaves when she realises Robert is always going to put his family first.