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offering sexual intercourse for pay

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16; Hosea 1-3), and is now jealous of his honor, and regards all the apostasy of his people as harlotry and adultery, as sexual immorality and infidelity (Lev.
Yet the court brought a private building within its ambit to combat the mischief of harlotry.
The mullahs considered women's suffrage the first step toward harlotry and land reform a transgression against Islam's belief in the sanctity of private property.
And Israel settled in Shittim and the people began to commit harlotry with the daughters of Moab.
Porter wrote, "The feminine demons, knowingly or otherwise, are pointing womankind to the path that leads to harlotry and to hell.
Thinking that she was guilty of harlotry, Judah gave the order "Take her out and let her be burned [Genesis 28:24].
Nor is it all squandered on harlotry and high living, but reinvested in ways that create jobs.
This means about 200,000 foreign women went to battlefronts on their own to engage in harlotry in a ''broad'' sense.
Viewed from Alberta, such harlotry miffs one a tad, but after decades of it, one grows blase.
One consequence is the deflation of the vivisectional impulse: since Christ has atoned for all of the sins of the elect--whether they be acts of harlotry, idolatry, or blasphemy, murders, rebellions, adulteries, and so on (53)--the assurance of "full discharge" should deflect soul-crushing worries about fruits of depravity.
210) By contrast, the genus "prostitution" was composed of:</p> <pre> prostitution, carnality, debauchery, harlotry, libertinage,
Roth, summarized its conclusions by saying that "if [the 'half-castes'] are left to their own devices under the present state of the law, their future will be one of vagabondism and harlotry .
Levin's argument is further confirmed by Andrew Gurr, who writes that the "high proportion of women at the playhouses testifies to the popularity of playgoing for the illiterate, since few women of any class, even in London, could write their names" and that "women from every section of society went to plays, from Queen Henrietta Maria to the most harlotry of vagrants" (56, 58).
rejecting chastity as though it were filth, disparaging virginity as though it were the uncleanness of harlotry.
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