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offering sexual intercourse for pay

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Greenblatt's difference from Lewis can be crystalized by the passage in Renaissance Self-Fashioning that interprets the sweat-covered face of one of Acrasia's lovers as post-coital, where Lewis interprets it as an expression of the "sterility" of harlotry.
In the Christian faith, husband and wife were restored to one another, and various sins of harlotry and unchastity, adultery and divorce, had to give way to the love that bound them together anew.
Augustine is quite clear on the topic of "the shame that accompanies copulation, as well in harlotry as in marriage.
A private building was held to be a street or public place for the purposes of the Act to avoid the mischief of harlotry.
When we staged an event based on Madame Brussels: this moral pandemonium, the book about Melbourne's Queen of harlotry, Arcade put together a saucy dramatisation of the trial of the infamous madam.
As a fair example of such superheated fare, she directs us to Lockhart's own infamous series of reviews, "The Cockney School of Poetry" in which Hogg's erstwhile companion excoriates Leigh Hunt for his poem The Story of Rimini by drawing readers' attention to "the leprous crust of self-conceit with which his whole moral being is indurated," as well as the "loathsome vulgarity which constantly clings to him like a vermined garment," and "the odious and unnatural harlotry of his polluted muse" (Z [John Gibson Lockhart] 453.
This moment identified Hal as being of the "blood royal": father and son are both thieves of the (real and mock) crown, and the king of England is only a harlotry player in a grubby tavern.
Missionaries introduced the concepts of "adultery, fornication, illegitimate child, bigamy, harlotry, lewdness, carnal intercourse, and the blanket concept that covered all these ideas, sin" (Pukui, Haertig and Lee, 1972).
She was reviled for her sins--a dispatch from London to an American paper read, "It is a case of glaring, flagrant harlotry and bastardy, taken into the pure homes of English wives and daughters, and condoned by the men because she is so beautiful, so fascinating.
The mullahs considered women's suffrage the first step toward harlotry and land reform a transgression against Islam's belief in the sanctity of private property.
And Israel settled in Shittim and the people began to commit harlotry with the daughters of Moab.
Porter wrote, "The feminine demons, knowingly or otherwise, are pointing womankind to the path that leads to harlotry and to hell.
there is a voluptuousness of language and allusion, pervading these volumes, which we should have hoped, that the delicacy of the female pen would have refused to trace; and here is an exhibition of wantonness of harlotry, which we should have hoped, that the delicacy of a female mind, would have been shocked to imagine (cited in Dacre, 262; emphasis added).
Thinking that she was guilty of harlotry, Judah gave the order "Take her out and let her be burned [Genesis 28:24].
The previous year, Symons's poems about harlotry had caused a reviewer for the Pall Mall Gazette to call him "a very dirty-minded man" (Beckson and Munro 113 n.