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  • verb

Synonyms for hearken

to make an effort to hear something

to perceive by ear, usually attentively

Synonyms for hearken



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Bishop Butler harkens back to an old Anglican tradition of pished prelates.
It also harkens back to a day of camera case sophistication.
He's also taking a liking to the rear glass on Volvo's newest model, noting the style harkens back to the 1960's era P1800 E5.
Gin Lane, formerly the Village Idiot, recently opened and is reminiscent of the "Good Ole Days" of New York with classic continental cuisine and an atmosphere which harkens back to an era of elegant dining.
Got another release from the Seattle area that harkens back to the days before the hype: Jack Endino's Permanent Fatal Error.
Smack in the heart of downtown, the two-story inn harkens back to its history as a 1930s flophouse, where weary travelers came for a warm meal and a cheap room.
Electronic tools may make education widely accessible, but distance learning's reliance on independent reading and videotaped lectures harkens back to a content- rather than skills-based approach.
For example, what deciduous conifer that harkens back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth and at one time was believed extinct was "discovered" in remote China in the 1940s?
Dominelli, clearly disillusioned by British social work, harkens back to 'happier days' when 'Father Biesteck' handed down the values tablets.
The story harkens back thirty years to the corruption of two F.
In his conclusion, the author harkens back to Du Bois's The Souls of Black Folks, finding in its marvelous evocation of doubled experience evidence of "true racial freedom in an unresolved dialectical relationship with white America, in a kind of stability in instability.
The song of the Word Incarnate that Stephen sings harkens back to Chronicles, reminding the hearers and warning them of their destructive behaviors.
The aptly named album Baptism harkens back to his early days.
This biscuit box from Andrea by Sadek harkens back to an earlier era.
But they are entertaining and a decent hard rock act whose sound harkens back to the glory days of the 70s.