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Synonyms for hearken

to make an effort to hear something

to perceive by ear, usually attentively

Synonyms for hearken



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On Sunday evening, participants and their guests may dance to the music of The Exceptions, and on Tuesday night harken back to the '60s with one of Philadelphia's teen idols, Bobby Rydel, and The Shirelles.
The PJs has all the stereotypical minority characters you can put in one show, and they cavort in ways that harken back to Amos `n' Andy.
138) One needed to harken back to the founders in order to reject the traditionalists who constantly summoned the founders' memory as a restraining example for youth.
These usually harken back to the blow jobs and buggery of his St.
Titania, too, shows an extensive pattern of faulting that seems to harken back to some process that caused a global extension of the crust, they report, such as might have resulted from "the late stages of freezing in the interior of the satellite.
Lattice railings and matching gable detail harken back to the house's original era without being trite.
Known widely for styles that harken back to the early 1900's, K2 Urbancorp is focused on building unique communities and enduring homes that reveal timeless craftsmanship and quality.
Their home is not adorned with seasonal holiday bounty, but ritual gourd rattles John incises with Indian designs may harken back to long-ago harvests.
The double-hump IP configuration is said to harken back to early Corvettes.
Known widely for styles that harken back to the early 1900's, K2 Urbancorp is focused on building unique and enduring products that reveal timeless craftsmanship and quality.
Instead of wondering whatever became of their cuticles, they could harken back to the days when Trojan fans could count on things.
The messages in the book harken back to a time when strong friendships and camaraderie meant something, when the notion of "giving back," a social responsibility to helping and influencing young people, transcended sport.
Harken back, if you will, to when you were young and your parents would admonish you against giving in to peer pressure by asking you the following question: ``If your friends told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?
Morgan's'' plots harken back to the Paleozoic era of comedy, when cavemen were probably doing sitcoms: Tonight, his swaggering buffoonery nearly wrecks his shy son's date with a pretty schoolmate.