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Harkens has an ability to reach deeply into the soul of the reader and draw out an unknown sense of empathy for the hurting with understanding, the ability to listen without judging, and to listen with understanding, leading to self-discovery, and a personal sense of wholeness.
Harken serves a mix of different kinds of patients, but it does so in an unorthodox way: Patients fall under the charge of a dedicated "care team," for instance, and have unlimited, free primary care visits.
These messages harken back to the voices of Gil Scott-Heron, Nina Simone and Curtis Mayfield.
This is not an easy act to pull off, especially since Bush and Dick Cheney both are personally implicated in the very chicanery at issue today: Bush for alleged insider trading and accounting trickery when he was a director at Harken Energy Corporation, and Cheney for dubious accounting practices when he was CEO at Halliburton, practices the SEC is still investigating.
In the Pope, they saw Christ's representative on earth, and as those first 12 apostles found the Master's words irresistible, so too did the world's youth harken to the Pope's message.
It coincides with the release of documents that raise fresh questions about his role with energy giant Harken a decade ago.
To save the firm, Bush began negotiations to sell Spectrum 7 to Harken Energy, a large Dallas-based energy company mostly owned by billionaire George Soros, Saudi businessman Abdullah Taha Baksh and the Harvard Management Corporation.
Para la revista, "la conexion del actual presidente de EU con Harken y de esta con Colombia, pueden tener importantes efectos politicos, pues el futuro de Colombia, de su economia, de los inversionistas extranjeros como Harken, depende en buena medida del apoyo que Washington le brinde".
What the public knows about Bush's oil-field days has been turned up the hard way: Reporters from the Dallas Morning News, Time, and the Texas Observer have pored over Securities and Exchange Commission documents to piece together the story of Arbusto Energy, Bush Exploration, Spectrum 7, and finally Harken Energy, the company that provided Dubya his less-than-graceful departure from the oil business.
On Sunday evening, participants and their guests may dance to the music of The Exceptions, and on Tuesday night harken back to the '60s with one of Philadelphia's teen idols, Bobby Rydel, and The Shirelles.
138) One needed to harken back to the founders in order to reject the traditionalists who constantly summoned the founders' memory as a restraining example for youth.
Differences may sound inconsequential to some, but harken to this item printed in the October, 1994, Copy Talk, a journal of The Canadian Press, Toronto.
The sailboat industry had been becalmed for several years in the late 1980s when Olaf Harken decided that some fresh air was needed to drive it of the doldrums.