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Synonyms for hara-kiri

ritual suicide


Synonyms for hara-kiri

ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword

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Which is inevitably that you can't remember my name or have so many 'babes' on the go that to attempt to refer to one by the moniker on their birth certificate would be social hari-kari.
Pakistan needed 148 to win once Broad, who is supposed to be an all-rounder, had committed hari-kari and chipped the fourth ball of the day straight to mid-on and Imran Farhat and Butt were in control as the rocketed Pakistan to 57-1.
After Craig Fletcher's splendid efforts, dad Stuart got in on the act when he ran out Ashley Pamment with a direct hit as Golcar continued to commit hari-kari, sliding to 71-8.
In point of fact, if the United States and other advanced nations were to commit economic hari-kari without those large polluters, it wouldn't even help with the supposed global-warming crisis.
Those who induced that invasion persuaded Americans to commit economic and geopolitical hari-kari.
Chuck Grassley went so far as to recommend AIG leaders commit hari-kari.
Simple answer: everyone commit hari-kari when they reach 60-65.
For those of us who didn't realise it had gone away, it's a relief to find that we have not been committing social hari-kari by continuing to hold them.
The pair are Welsh internationals and they committed hari-kari more than once during this game when they should have been guiding their less experienced teammates around the field and through the game.
Udal kept twirling away and the batsmen kept swishing ( Mahendra Dhoni committed hari-kari after a reprieve seconds earlier to emphasise the attitude.
The Labour Party has come a long way since it seemed to commit political hari-kari on an almost annual basis.
You take all the plus points and the addition of Forssell was good news as he is going to be a big player for us,' he continued' I would have been committing hari-kari if I had played Izzet, Forssell and Lazaridis as they have been out for a long time.
If you look at our pre-season, I'd want to commit hari-kari because we haven't been clever.
If British racing wants to commit hari-kari it's up to them, but if there is no racing from Britain in the shops, the newspapers are not going to devote pages to it
We'll just have to wait until the Republicans commit hari-kari," he says, "which they will one of these days.