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Synonyms for hara-kiri

ritual suicide


Synonyms for hara-kiri

ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword

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We'll just have to wait until the Republicans commit hari-kari," he says, "which they will one of these days.
A 180-degree turn at this point would be an act of hari-kari, and Goldman's partners are too smart to do that.
Auster's decision to publish early work in the context of a latter-day rumination is brilliant and brave: the gesture, a sort of literary hari-kari, an act of renunciation and self-sabotage performed in public, involves a successful author brandishing evidence that might easily be used against him by critics who wish to indict him as aesthetically worthless and fraudulent.
But parity was short-lived as the Saints' defence committed hari-kari and another strong comeback failed to knock Dundalk off course.
However we should not get too carried away, following Coventry's hari-kari tactics, even though all wins are welcome and should be savoured.
We committed hari-kari on two occasions, made mistakes and got punished for them.
First, we Geordies seemed ready to commit hari-kari when our beloved club once again went into meltdown, thanks to the Mike Ashley-Dennis Wise style of managership.
Or would you rather cut out the middle man and chose Hari-Kari instead?
What kind of business hari-kari is it to spend pounds 7million changing a name that millions of people know and recognise instantly?
The truth is that to meet Kyoto's requirements would be to commit economic hari-kari.
However, both back lines seemed intent on committing hari-kari and Matthew Upson's injury-time error to hand Boro a fifth goal summed up Blues' defensive performance.
In placepotting logic, this is equivalent to travelling on a leaking boat in order to commit hari-kari at the destination.
At the first show of wrinkles, some glamour girls consider hari-kari, others feel like hanging out a "This Building is Condemned" sign.
And yes, the goal glut was aided and abetted by hapless Hull's hari-kari defending but, equally, the errors were forced by the pace, persistence and fluid movement of Marvin Emnes and Scott McDonald.
Their association with Japanese pilots committing hari-kari goes way back, because suicidal tendencies have long coursed through sky-blue veins.