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Synonyms for harem

women's quarters


Synonyms for harem

living quarters reserved for wives and concubines and female relatives in a Muslim household

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The schools composing none but young and vigorous males, previously mentioned, offer a strong contrast to the harem schools.
Here the seals hauled out, and the old bulls guarded their harems, while the young bulls hauled out by themselves.
Fresh women appeared in the harems of the Elders -- women who pined and wept, and bore upon their faces the traces of an unextinguishable horror.
Her idea of a harem as an opulent mysterious place full of beautiful sensuous women accommodating a lustful sheik comes up against a reality check while her views on the subordinate position of women in Turkish society are challenged by a Turkish informant, although she remains sceptical.
The rich warm tones of Petros Magoulas as Osmin, overseer of the harem, are a joy to listen to even though his character is a nasty bit of work.
Empathising with the anger of his squeeze, Rachel Uchitel, who wanted to mark out Woods as her exclusive territory, Quan says that maintaining a happy harem requires a similar level of discipline, patience and practice needed in the golf course.
This is the story about a harem that raised no small change: $20,000 in the past two years, and maybe $10,000 this year.
Whole chapters tell Matisse's story, or that of the traveler Lady Montagu who was pitied by the harem dweller for the cage she wore (her corset), or the amateur documentary filmmaker from St.
The harem is carefully, not salaciously, described.
It is easy to see why someone thought The English Harem was a good idea.
These eyewitness accounts from inside the Ottoman harem are the first full-length study in English of these previously neglected voices.
Tales from the Expat Harem, istanbul: Dogan Kitap, 2005, 1st Edition, 350 pages, ISBN 975-293-372-6.
When other takhi pass by the smelly pile, they sniff to "read" which other takhi harem visited that spot.
Their writings about the Middle East and the harem challenge the dominant textual codes.
He is variously a dormouse awakening reluctantly from hibernation, a snail that falls in love with himself, a praying mantis who loses body parts for love, a finch with a cuckoo problem, an elk with a harem to protect, a dung beetle who just hates manure.