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As a child he'd bring home the weirdest little friends, kids with eye-patches, with harelips, with ears so cauliflowered they looked more like donuts than ears.
Anastasis sails to developing countries, and when the she docks, the staff on board carry out cosmetic surgery to rectify disfigurements and ailments, such as harelips, third degree burns and non-malignant tumours
Although I do not believe that homosexuality is biologically as determined as are harelips, I suspect that genetic elements in combination with nurture produce a sexual orientation at a young age that for most is not reversible.
And through donations and support the vets also help Filipino children receive free operations for cleft palates and harelips.
I should point out that their second favorite subject matter was deformed people and you're going to see a lot of harelips, missing limbs and extra fingers.