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It involves a hare-brained plan to steal four bottles of the most expensive whisky in the world, rumoured to be worth PS1million at auction.
Val and Bob are in deep legal bother following their hare-brained scheme to defraud the bank, which involved Val dressing up as Brenda in order to help Bob and Carly secure a loan.
Another told us that her man's latest hare-brained scheme involved cashing in all of their life insurance money.
After a sting to capture The Ghost goes bad, Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) recruits the pair for another hare-brained undercover operation.
But Dave's hare-brained, fear-slaying solutions come with unintended and hilarious consequences, often more fearsome than the original phobias
I FEEL I had to comment on the latest hare-brained scheme to be wheeled out by the Ministry of Work and Pensions.
SIR - The hare-brained ideas department at the Assembly must be on overtime thinking of more and more outlandish schemes for the promotion of Welsh.
IN a sport of increasingly hare-brained ideas, it takes something truly special to be so stupefyingly nonsensical.
A spokesman for the AA motoring group said: "This sounds like another hare-brained scheme - it would cause confusion and be difficult to enforce.
But Mr Gove is driven by ideology and hare-brained notions.
Technical difficulties like transport infrastructure, pollution and power generation are so well under control as to be insignificant, while scientists protest at the lack of attention paid to their hare-brained schemes.
Fearful that he could perish in the line of action and leave his children Eric (Cole Morgen) and Tori (Shelby Adamowsky) destitute, Larry concocts a hare-brained plan with his straight, woman-hungry buddy Chuck: to pretend to be gay partners and name Chuck as the new beneficiary.
Besides, the City Council is one to talk: Plenty of hare-brained policy has come out of the official council-sponsored channels.
They were to withhold milk from the market and, after a hare-brained scheme to send it to Third World countries collapsed, spread it on their land.
Alex Horn snagged the trophy with a hare-brained roll-in on a board that looked like it was made out of a piece of driftwood.