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I FEEL I had to comment on the latest hare-brained scheme to be wheeled out by the Ministry of Work and Pensions.
But, I regret I am not suprised, our councillors have always had a very strange set of priorities, always preferring hare-brained self-aggrandisment schemes to maintenance of our infrastructure.
Yet again we are seeing proposals for a hare-brained scheme to improve connections within the city centre at great cost, while the suburbs are starved of investment in good public transport links with the city centre and the wider conurbation.
Set largely in July 1969, this is a hare-brained time-travelling caper which ties up loose threads into a neat bow, suggesting this could and perhaps should be the end of the Smith and Jones double-act.
RIDE the monorail at Beaulieu's National Motor Museum in Hampshire, which is laying on events such as face painting and Victorian games on the lawn over Easter, as well as a Hare-Brained Easter Trail leading to a sweet treat.
IN a sport of increasingly hare-brained ideas, it takes something truly special to be so stupefyingly nonsensical.
A spokesman for the AA motoring group said: "This sounds like another hare-brained scheme - it would cause confusion and be difficult to enforce.
But Mr Gove is driven by ideology and hare-brained notions.
Besides, the City Council is one to talk: Plenty of hare-brained policy has come out of the official council-sponsored channels.
They were to withhold milk from the market and, after a hare-brained scheme to send it to Third World countries collapsed, spread it on their land.
Alex Horn snagged the trophy with a hare-brained roll-in on a board that looked like it was made out of a piece of driftwood.
It's been here 200 years, and now someone has the hare-brained idea it doesn't belong.
Finally, there's so much venture capital floating around that some of it will fund hare-brained schemes that try to make a fast buck on democracy, like Vote.
Tarantella doesn't need such a hare-brained scheme because we support any devices.
An oddball piece at best, the ballet seems to be making a statement about hare-brained nationalism, although even that is questionable.