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Synonyms for hare

flesh of any of various rabbits or hares (wild or domesticated) eaten as food

run quickly, like a hare

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The "Live Hare" is where the hare sets the trail during the hash, normally running ahead of the pack to an undisclosed destination.
Police have previously been reluctant to disclose the locations where offences have taken place for operational reasons - but they are keen to remind people that hare coursing is an offence under THEWILDLIFE and Countryside Act 1981.
In the end, we are left with the feeling that Bear clearly cares for Hare, and Hare, despite his current upset, values Bear's advice.
Lynx populations fluctuate in synchrony with prey abundance, and individuals are greatly dependent on snowshoe hare numbers to ensure their survival (O'Donoghue et al.
Last Saturday at Ballinagar, Co Offaly, Irish Council Against Blood Sports members filmed a hare suffering a severe mauling.
LANGUAGE ARTS: Recommended reading for younger grades: The Tortoise and the Hare, from Aesop's Fables.
On May 28 an officer, using the name Phil, was in the Warwick public house when he heard someone ask Hare if he had any cocaine and he indicated he could have some later.
For Wisconsin's snowshoe hares, climate change now ranks as an even bigger menace than the bulldozing, paving and other destructive things that people have done to northern forests.
It is important for the photographer to understand the habits and behaviour of the hare and to master the field craft required to get close enough for photography.
THE game and fauna fund has released into the wild 58 hares that were bred illegally and were intended to be sold to hunters, the service's spokesman Petros Anayiotos said yesterday.
Standing by a hedge I was approached by an irate lady in boots and gaiters and told to shift my body as I was blocking the likely escape route of the hare, regulars knew most of these routes.
Most people respected the hare - sadly now they're being wiped out.
Lead Ranger Craig Best said: "This is an exciting opportunity for local people to get involved in our initial survey to take a snapshot of the mountain hare population across the estate.
At one time it was thought they involved two males fighting for a mate but research has shown it is normally a female hare fending off the advances of an over-amorous suitor because she is not yet ready to mate.
An environmental story with a difference, the Song of the Golden Hare is quite magical.