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Synonyms for hare

flesh of any of various rabbits or hares (wild or domesticated) eaten as food

run quickly, like a hare

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Well, no," she said, "you must not say that; but though I am an old horse, and have seen and heard a great deal, I never yet could make out why men are so fond of this sport; they often hurt themselves, often spoil good horses, and tear up the fields, and all for a hare or a fox, or a stag, that they could get more easily some other way; but we are only horses, and don't know.
What they did with Rob Roy I never knew; but 'twas all for one little hare.
The higgler to whom the hare was sold, being unfortunately taken many months after with a quantity of game upon him, was obliged to make his peace with the squire, by becoming evidence against some poacher.
These alterations might probably have been set right, had not Master Blifil unluckily insisted on a promise of secrecy from Mr Allworthy before he revealed the matter to him; but by that means the poor gamekeeper was condemned without having an opportunity to defend himself: for as the fact of killing the hare, and of the action brought, were certainly true, Mr Allworthy had no doubt concerning the rest.
Then came a minute's pause or so, and then the watches are pocketed, and the pack is led through the gateway into the field which the hares had first crossed.
This last straight two miles and a half is always a vantage ground for the hounds, and the hares know it well; they are generally viewed on the side of Barby Hill, and all eyes are on the lookout for them to-day.
THE Jack & Jill Foundation has launched Hares On The March, the follow-up to last year's successful Pigs on Parade fundraising initiative.
THE game and fauna fund has released into the wild 58 hares that were bred illegally and were intended to be sold to hunters, the service's spokesman Petros Anayiotos said yesterday.
No point in killing a healthy hare, you would have nothing to chase the next time.
Standing by a hedge I was approached by an irate lady in boots and gaiters and told to shift my body as I was blocking the likely escape route of the hare, regulars knew most of these routes.
Most people respected the hare - sadly now they're being wiped out.
Coursing Club insisted that the aim of the sport was not to kill the hare but to test the skill of the dogs.
In other words, it's all a bit of a stramash, with each male hare in the group seemingly intent on having a go at his nearest neighbour whenever the fancy takes him.
However, Gibson-Hill made negative comments about Ross as well as Hare, including that the greater the time after Hare had departed from Cocos, the more negative were Ross's comments about him--especially about his sexual activities.
The valley where I live, once the residence of Twm o'r Nant, was 30 years ago a hare stronghold, with as many as five to be seen at dawn from the bedroom window.