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a store selling hardware

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A steel industry group has asked the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to investigate and stop the sale of substandard steel bars that have been found among the stocks of several hardware stores in northern and central Luzon.
The move expands the big box hardware store portfolio that Robinsons Retail started with its acquisition of RHI Builders, which is the owner and operator of AM Builders Home Depot, in July 2014.
He had always been an active DIYer, so he decided to follow his passion and get a job working at the hardware store in Minneapolis where he frequently shopped.
Duffy was caught on camera at the hardware store and police issued images in a bid to identify him.
Ten of the multiunit 7-foot-tall cabinets were shipped out by train and unloaded at the hardware store, where for the next 96 years they would hold rural necessities, such as screws, washers, pots and pans.
At a hardware store, you really need to be able to trust somebody to tell you what to do correctly.
KOAT-TV reported that state Game and Fish officials killed the cub following her surprise visit to Record's Hardware Store in Raton.
Sadly the local hardware store near TMC was wiped away by Home Depot and they did provide superior service.
The energy-saving lamps contain a small amount of mercury, so to keep the heavy metal out of the environment, homeowners and small businesses can now bring their spent lamps to any participating Ace hardware store, where the lamps will be collected and properly recycled at no cost to the consumer.
Rudy Nigro let the years melt away Wednesday as he looked out the front window of his Woodland Hills hardware store.
I checked, and the hardware store I contacted said that their plywood has a "safe" kind of formaldehyde in it.
Remember when you could go to a hardware store and find the special widget you needed?
Vendors like WMF are also targeting the upscale hardware store retail channel.
In mid-January, a manager of a Minneapolis hardware store had to resort to some high-powered "hardware" when an armed robber approached him as he left the store, according to local KMSP-TV Channel 9.
The man who built a small hardware store in to the electronics giant, P-C Richard and Sons, has died.