hardware store

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a store selling hardware

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A key translated into a digital picture and then made to OEM specifications gives the hardware store owner the confidence he needs to charge a fair price, or even a premium price like locksmiths.
The cookware and bakeware manufacturer has launched a program called Dealer Link, a service that offers hardware store buyers a way to connect directly to the Nordic Ware headquarters.
2--Color) Restoration Hardware stores feature a selection of specialty tools, such as these Tim Allen RRR hammers, below.
The redevelopment agency is the City Council, that's the problem,'' said Whittaker, whose family has operated the old-fashioned hardware store on High Street since 1926.
The hardware store experiment is just another in a series of things [Home Depot is] looking for to provide them with some growth vehicles," the consultant added.
Home centers offer more building supplies (such as lumber and flooring) and appliances than hardware stores.
PHOTO A customer is greeted by a giant beaver Saturday at the new Orchard Supply Hardware store.
NYSE: S) opened seven new full line stores, Sears Hardware stores will open 19 new units on November 16, taking its place in the Sears record book.
In many rural areas, they're 'the only show in town,' so they function like a department store and mass merchant and a hardware store," Pofcher said.
The hardware store fire was the only one in which people died.
A simple tool kit, which your hardware store may stock or can help you put together, is also a handy item to have in the house.
I went down to the hardware store to see if there was anything to fasten (the center) with, and there wasn't, so I had to make something myself.
The company also has entered the hardware store distribution channel, with initial orders from a number of Ace and True Value Hardware stores.
com/prepare) within its existing Tools & Hardware Store, which offers an extensive collection of over 800,000 tools and accessories.
When I was growing up, the father of a close friend owned our local hardware store.