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a car that resembles a convertible but has a fixed rigid top

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The top-of-the-line Fairlane Crown Victoria hardtop was not really a hardtop at all, at least in the traditional pillarless sense.
They are offering products for all the major brands and the hardtops products they have to offer is extensive.
Going topless is especially pleasant thanks to quiet engines and good wind-proofing and, if the weather changes, you are just 22 seconds away from the protection of a hardtop roof.
The bright red 2007 Volkswagen Eos hardtop convertible had come through its unexpected environmental test with flying colors.
ALARM bells started ringing when I first heard about the MX-5 Roadster CoupA, which is the folding hardtop version of the wonderful MX-5.
If a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step, it follows that the dawn of high-volume injection molded car bodies could begin with the production of 5,000 Jeep Wrangler hardtops.
DaimlerChrysler said it will build a test fleet of 50 Jeep Wranglers by 2000 that include hardtops made of a new low-cost, lightweight thermoplastic.
Among their notable features are custom integrated hardtops, central helm stations and the enormous mid-cabin on the MediterranE[umlaut]e Forty-Three.
Auto Business News-August 11, 2015--BMW to remove steel hardtops for new convertibles
HMMWV helmet hardtops are authorized for use, but the Army doesn't support them.
We've had several of our M998 HMMWVs outfitted with the new fiberglass hardtops.
Although sedans like the 540 and estates like the V50 have hardtops that utilize the roof structure in order to deal with crash energy management, the C70 doesn't afford that opportunity.