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very hard unsalted biscuit or bread

a mountain mahogany

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Amid the cosmic miasma of afterlife angels and merciful dinosaurs, Malick's cinema remains capable of hardtack poetry; in The Tree of Life's acute portrait of the relationship between Brad Pitt's aesthete-bully paterfamilias and his three sons, the haunting scene of boys cavorting in a toxic fog of DDT reminds us that Malick was once considered the bard of prelapsarian America.
Operation Hardtack 1: Location of test sites (1958) The locations of ten nuclear tests in lagoon--Fir, Nutmeg, Sycamore, Maple, Aspen, Redwood, Hickory, Cedar, Poplar and Juniper.
To eat anything but hardtack and bug-ridden bacon required hunting for food, digging a shallow ditch for a cooking fire in the relentless prairie wind, and burning buffalo chips for lack of trees.
Consider the following phrases peppered throughout McFee's book: from an ode to the saltine, "the redneck's hardtack, / the cracker's cracker"; or the sublime heights of his paean to pork skins, "the apotheosis of the epidermis"; cigarette butts as "used-up hyphens fallen out of conversation"; the queenly letter Q, "the monocle / of our alphabet's monarch"; and Death, the bearer of bald heads, personified as "the smooth Prince of Alopecia.
Sailors in 1812 ate food like dried peas, salt pork, and hardtack, which is a simple inexpensive cracker or biscuit made from flour, water, and salt.
Tasty Treat Pirates love to eat food so why not also make a typical hardtack biscuit.
It was also called "loblolly", sometimes made with hardtack and molasses cooked together.
Stories from the Civil War" offers visitors the chance to try on period uniforms, visit a soldier's campsite, and examine a piece of 19th-century hardtack.
It was part of the Republicans' nascent "starve the beast" campaign, which postulated that since cutting public services would always be unpopular, the way to shrink the government was to give it little more than hardtack.
In the following pages I explore how bread in all its forms (homemade bread, hardtack, fried bread, bread pudding, etc.
This emotionally clear way of scrutinizing life's elements turns into hardtack poetry in Asher's hands.
The RyanPlus plan would also limit food-stamp use to the purchase of hardtack, grits, and water chestnuts.
Built to bake hardtack or ship biscuits to feed sailors on long voyages to Asia, from about 1595 to 1603 the Grote Backhuys (Great Bakehouse), as it was known, served an overseas trading venture, the Compagnie van Verre, which merged with several other companies to form the Dutch East India Company.
Try using terms such as blizzard, dusting, flurry, frost, hail, hardtack, powder, sleet, slush and snowflake.
Two centuries ago, hardtack or sea biscuits were an important part of any voyager's diet.