hardstem bulrush

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widely distributed North American sedge having rigid olive green stems

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Based on the random-point data collected from 184 PEM1 wetlands in 2008, the percent coverage by broad vegetation classes was, on average, 26% grasses (excluding rice cutgrass), 24% rushes, 12% cattails, 12% sedges (excluding hardstem bulrush), 7% Himalayan blackberry, 6% forbs, 5% hardstem bulrush, 3% willows and 1% rice cutgrass.
For example, hardstem bulrush favors firm sand or gravelly substrate, while water lilies like mucky or silty soils.
Water flows from irrigated fields into a deep water pond and several deep and shallow wetlands (approximately 1 hectare) containing single species stands of common cattail (Typha latifolia) and hardstem bulrush (Schoenoplectus acutus).
Olney's three-square bulrush (Scirpus americanus), cattail (Typha domingensis), hardstem bulrush (S.
He explains that in some rivers, finding live submerged vegetation is the answer, while on others, stands of hardstem bulrush harbor the hungriest muskies.