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barely satisfying a lower standard

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Mike (Billy Crystal) and Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren) confront each other in Monsters University
Her pupils include the returning Mike Wazowski and James P Sullivan respectively, with Hardscrabble warning the pair that they will be kicked out if they don't pass their final exam.
Although wide-eyed and ready to learn, Wazowski''''s plans to become a professional '''' Scarer'''' are soon derailed when he crosses paths with Sulley (John Goodman) and the formidable Hardscrabble.
I grew up on a hardscrabble farm in the beautiful hills of Eastern Kentucky, a heritage I wouldn't trade with anyone on earth.
17 HARDSCRABBLE (Fort Smith) Fort Smith's Hardscrabble Country Club played host to a Nationwide Tour event for several years, and its par-3 17th "signature" and the nearby fountain in the middle of the lake were seen by television viewers via the Golf Channel.
Both companies had offices on Hardscrabble Road in Auburn at the time of the purchase.
It's a fresh and interesting reformatting of her 2005 award-winning title The Blue Jean Book, the story of denim's rise from its origins with hardscrabble miners and cowboys to its popularity among labourers, rebels and the incurably hip.
Einiger, President, Hardscrabble Advisors, LLC; Kenneth T.
He came out of Dyess, Arkansas with that hardscrabble sound in his head, and it was up to the world to figure out a place for it.
Haiti's thriving and proud cultural landscape helped many Haitians endure hardscrabble lives and numerous assaults on their dignity.
The history of firearms is an endlessly fascinating excursion into innovation, ingenuity, colorful characters and hardscrabble, do or die, necessity.
In many tropical countries, farmers and their children are abandoning their hardscrabble farms and ranches for the lure of better lives in cities.
His "6 Steps to Financial Flow" is a combination of hardscrabble Scottish wisdom and Zen teachings to help us pick ourselves up when things fall apart.
And what is more insulting to Giuliano is that Braid's book is now being made into a movie about Lennon's hardscrabble childhood titled "Nowhere Boy".
After he plays the violin for her and her friends, it makes him more desperate to flee The Landing, a hardscrabble farm on Lake Muskoka.