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crust or layer of hard subsoil encrusted with calcium-carbonate occurring in arid or semiarid regions


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Lastly, if you have a really hard surface like clay or some sort of hardpan material, then you probably need to reach for the big guns.
It can be assumed from the similarities between predicted and observed breakthrough times that much of the groundwater is moving through sandy gravel and most likely over one of the confining hardpan clay lenses.
To determine the intrinsic resistivity for the different terms of the phosphatic series, we carried out, during the geophysical prospection in a parcel of 50 ha,5151 resistivity measurements as horizontal profiling (SYSCAL-R2 resistivity instrument IRIS Instruments) using the wellknown Schlumberger array, in order to map the spatial distribution of the sterile hardpan inclusions.
2 subsoil-er that would have been used to break up California hardpan.
In some cases where dense hardpans are present, nitrate leaching will not progress beyond the depth of the hardpan.
A hardpan ranging from 6-40 cm in thickness and extending to the surface of the soil developed in 12 of the pots with [D.
More than other fruit trees, peach and nectarine trees need deep soil with no compacted subsoil or hardpan.
As such, the observed inceptisols were expected to be acidic, possess weak horizon development, and contain a hardpan, characteristics verified in the field.
Many apparently well-drained areas are underlain by humate, a hardpan which may perch the water table and provide the moisture moles and earthworms require.
In paddy fields which are characterized by a shallow hardpan layer, water flows horizontally to backfilled trench [18] in a narrow surface soil and then vertically flows into drains.
Shay Church's full-scale elephants and whales derive much of their emotional and political force from the changes the clay undergoes in drying: its deep gloss grows mottled, then dusty; it cracks and scales like hardpan desert against its supporting armature.
Testing of the main main magnetic anomaly was prevented by a siliceous hardpan.
Moreover, frequent plowing led to the formation of hardpan at the plow depths, decreases water infiltration with accelerated soil erosion (Alakukku et al.
It showed 54% increase in plant height over conventional tillage might be due to deep tillage that resulted in break down of hardpan which facilitates root proliferation; more nutrients were available to plants.
A boy, me, waits for his birthday guests, bouncing a half-inflated ball on the hardpan.