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crust or layer of hard subsoil encrusted with calcium-carbonate occurring in arid or semiarid regions


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Other habitats inhabited by breeding plovers in Montana include areas heavily grazed by domestic sheep in central Montana, and hardpan drainages and a former bentonite mining area in Valley County (Prellwitz 1993, Knowles and Knowles 1998).
The problem is exacerbated by the poor quality of colonia roads, which are often unpaved and covered with caliche (naturally occurring hardpan calcium carbonate deposits) or other materials that prevent thorough drainage.
Its barren hillsides underlain by hardpan suddenly were transformed as thousands of mature, non-native trees and shrubs were transplanted to showcase the exposition's Spanish Colonial baroque grandeur.
The majority of the habitat in these areas was silt-laden cobble / boulder with patches of bare bedrock or clay hardpan.
Maybe I can remember our bedroom window that overlooked the hardpan flat that had once been meadow, that now flooded in the slightest rain.
All structures have since been removed from the property, which is covered with gravel and hardpan dirt.
In areas where soils have a layer of hardpan beneath--parts of Sacramento and Fresno, for example--use a jackhammer to break through the cementlike layer.
One cover crop might add nitrogen to the soil; another might prevent erosion; another might add to the soil structure; others will penetrate hardpan, or add organic matter, or diminish certain weeds; some activate calcium; some tie up extra potassium.
The presence of a cemented hardpan at varying depths and insufficient precipitation for leaching often adds to the problem.
Fields were bare, scraped to hardpan in some places, heaving in others.
However, the new deposit contains many inclusions and lenses of extremely tough hardpan locally known as "derangements" or disturbances, found throughout the phosphate-bearing sequence.
Gazing off across the valley where hardpan riven with deep ravines stretches like a red desert, he laments the loss of topsoil eroded by cattle overgrazing and the traffic of wild pigs and goats.
bursarius in sandy roadside ditches immediately adjacent to hardpan rangeland in which C.
Around the corner from Divine Providence elementary school is a baseball field, parched into hardpan by a scorching sun.
Much of the undeveloped area of Kitsap County has either a high water table or a clay or hardpan soil that prohibits installation of conventional gravity onsite sewage systems, leaving alternative onsite systems as the only choice.