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a scale of hardness of solids

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Again, there was a sharp change in the hardness index (18:0/18:2) from 60 to 90 days, which indicates an increase in hardness with increasing age/weight.
double dagger]) Fat hardness index C18:0/C18:2 ([double dagger]); [summation] SFA: total saturated fatty acids [summation] MUFA: total monounsaturated fatty acids; [summation] PUFA: total polyunsaturated fatty acids; (f) Nutritional index = 18:2 + 18:3/12:0+14:0+16:0+18:0
3] for 80% castor substitution and hardness index from 119kN up to 125kN.
To illustrate the strength of their teeth, Kelly uses a hardness index wherein iron equals 4.
In recognition of its importance to the rubber chemist, the first digit of the system is the hardness index, where numerical designations from 1-9 correspond to an increasing ability to build hardness in rubber compounds.