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Synonyms for hardness

Synonyms for hardness

reliability in withstanding pressure, force, or stress

the fact or condition of being rigorous and unsparing

Synonyms for hardness

the property of being rigid and resistant to pressure

a quality of water that contains dissolved mineral salts that prevent soap from lathering

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the quality of being difficult to do

References in classic literature ?
Gnarled and crooked and with flexible hardness shall it then stand by the sea, a living lighthouse of unconquerable life.
He heard her, unconsciously bending his whole figure down to her as though hoping in this way to soften the hardness of her position for her.
The idea of a duel had never crossed her mind, and so she put a different interpretation on this passing expression of hardness.
My dear chap, better is it for a man that he marry a sympathetic gargoyle than a Venus with a streak of hardness in her.
The excessive hardness of the wood, and my having no other way, made me a long while upon this machine, for I worked it effectually by little and little into the form of a shovel or spade; the handle exactly shaped like ours in England, only that the board part having no iron shod upon it at bottom, it would not last me so long; however, it served well enough for the uses which I had occasion to put it to; but never was a shovel, I believe, made after that fashion, or so long in making.
A customer required an 85 minimum Brinell Hardness number (BHN) for an aluminum component sand cast in A356.
Westpak's hardness tester determines the Rockwell hardness of test samples by utilizing indenters and force loads of 60 Kg, 100 Kg, or 150 Kg.
The investigators used potassium citrate to reduce water hardness.
Hardness was measured 30 min after the cure to allow for cooling down, after 24 hr, and daily until hardness development stopped.
Development of hardness measurement methods for individual structural parts--measurement of micro-hardness--was an important requirement for studying the structure of solids.
Although physicists discuss a material's hardness in terms of characteristics such as its bulk modulus, engineers often measure it experimentally by indenting the surface with a diamond tip.
And this becomes evident with this question: Why does an EDM wire guide or a drill bushing of cemented tungsten carbide, with a measured Vickers hardness of 1700 kg/[mm.
That ratio yields a silicone elastomer with a durometer 00 hardness value of 50 (as per ASTM 2240, Type 00).
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