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perennial grass of Australia and South Africa

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05), Holdfast hardinggrass performed the best overall (mean cover = 51.
We found all of the hardinggrass varieties adequately adapted for summer survival, with seedings of Perla koleagrass, Advanced AT and Holdfast all successful and highly productive.
Holdfast hardinggrass, a perennial developed in Australia, proved to be a viable replacement for Perla koleagrass if Perla seeds are not available.
For longer-term production without reseeding, best forage candidates are mostly perennials, including Flecha tall fescue, hardinggrass (Perla koleagrass, Holdfast, Advanced AT) or Berber orchardgrass, as a mix or a monoculture.
Hardinggrass and annual legume production in the Sierra foothills.
The hardinggrass PIs chosen for this research were among those having the greatest persistence and vigor following a grazing tolerance evaluation conducted at Ardmore, OK, from 1999 to 2001 (http://www.
The greater genetic variation within rather than among populations is likely due to the out-crossing nature of hardinggrass, in which the degree of within population polymorphism would be expected to be large (Ubi et al.
A plot of the first two dimensions of the multidimensional scaling (MDS) further illustrated genetic variation within and among the 22 hardinggrass populations (Fig.
Substantial genetic variation that could be exploited for selection is present within these hardinggrass populations.
Geographical origin or source of 22 hardinggrass populations surveyed for genetic diversity.