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Synonyms for hardiness

Synonyms for hardiness

the property of being strong and healthy in constitution

the trait of being willing to undertake things that involve risk or danger

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ARS researchers found early pruning doesn't affect winter hardiness.
Conclusion: Hardiness was found as significant predictor of professional life stress among house-job doctors.
With regard to sport, hardiness has been related to overall basketball performance in high school athletes (Maddi & Hess, 1992).
The PVS III-R includes an equal number of positively and negatively worded items for the hardiness attitudes of commitment, control, and challenge to be rated by the participant on the frequency he or she experiences those attitudes.
Truth be told, since the 1978 Blizzard, the powers that be have made concerted and constantly evolving efforts to prevent New Englanders from having to test their innate hardiness against the unexpected fury of Mother Nature.
The use of hardiness zones for gardening first started in the United States.
Varias pesquisas tambem tem se empenhado para demonstrar os efeitos de hardiness como fator protetor contra consequencias negativas, como o desenvolvimento de perturbacoes psicologicas, em profissoes que sao reconhecidas pelo ambiente e tarefas carregadas de estimulos e agentes agressores, como e o caso da enfermagem (Keane, Ducette, & Adler, 1985; Van Servellen, Topf, & Leake, 1994), servico militar (Bartone, 1999; Florian, Mikuliner, & Taubman, 1995; Waysman, Schwarzwald, & Solomon, 2001) e policia (Hills & Norvell, 1991; James, 2005; Radisic, 2005).
Hardiness: Hardiness was assessed by the use of the Personal Views Survey III-R (PVS III-R; Maddi&Khoshaba, 2001) [10].
According to her proposal, hardiness is a composite variable with three components: Commitment, Control and Challenge.
5-7,25-33) Personality traits associated with resilience include hardiness and mental toughness.
The theoretical model for the current study, presented in Figure 1, depicts family hardiness and positive functioning as being associated with lower caregiver experiences of state anxiety.
The purpose of our study was to test this assumption by examining three strength-based variables as predictors of international students' acculturative stress and adjustment: personal growth initiative, hardiness, and universal-diverse orientation.
They are renowned for their wit and hardiness at the sharp end of the valley.
The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which sociodemographic characteristics and hardiness explain coping in 243 adults living with a spinal cord injury.