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Synonyms for hardiness

Synonyms for hardiness

the property of being strong and healthy in constitution

the trait of being willing to undertake things that involve risk or danger

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Climate change is already having an effect and will continue to do so over the next 50 - 100 years and more, allowing us to experiment with plants of known lesser hardiness - great fun but sometimes very expensive.
The 2015 blizzard would not be the storm to help them win their winter hardiness badge.
While the data marinades over these students' academic careers, this article will: 1) acquaint its readers with the hardiness construct; 2) discuss the appeal of applying the theory to retention research; and 3) report relevant baseline statistics about the student population sampled in the two campus effort.
The intrinsic hardiness of eMagin's OLED microdisplays enables us to meet the most demanding specifications.
Over 1,300 entries contain detailed information on individual genus and species, including place of origin, hardiness index and growing region, common names and different forms, notes on cultivation, and commercial uses.
But the hardiness of plants within the same packet of seed is not due entirely to an accident of birth.
Make sure that winter protection around plants of borderline hardiness is kept in place.
Each entry also contains a table of species and cultivars giving statistics on height and spread, hardiness zone, bloom time, foliage, and comments on each.
Given the hardiness of C-diff spores and their longevity on clothing, this is possibly more vital now than ever before.
A SCHEME to restore semi-feral foals to Welsh hills is ensuring the future hardiness of Welsh Mountain Ponies.
In the late 1980s, though, biologists studying animals as well as plants began to examine the effects of moms' experience on youngsters' hardiness as interesting in their own right.
org) has brought new hope to the search for a tree that combines the beauty and hardiness of the American chestnut with the blight-resistance of its Chinese counterpart.
Grant, a soft winter wheat, offers high yields, improved disease resistance, and better cold hardiness.
In these tough circumstances, the operating margins achieved reflect the hardiness of the South African businesses.