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Synonyms for hardhearted

Synonyms for hardhearted

lacking in feeling or pity or warmth

devoid of feeling for others

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The hardhearted will try to take this fundamental right away from us in November, but they won't succeed.
In the same chapter, God says: "Do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother.
There is something wrong in our democracy," only the most hardhearted could not be affected.
Of course, fearing there's no escape, we could become totally hardhearted and grow to abuse our partner.
On Valentine's Day, even the most hardhearted can get smitten with the love bug and feel an urge to cozy up with a loved one.
I been changed by y'all Rooster, Clabber, Dirty Red, Coot - you changed this hardhearted old man'" (182).
RAYMOND Teasdale and Ryan Stewart are among some of the most callous and hardhearted criminals we have come across of late.
The perception is that families soften the most hardhearted of people, fashioning them into more caring, selfless individuals
Adaptation of Dickens'A Christinas Carol, starring Alastair Sim as the hardhearted miser taught the error of his ways by a succession of spectral visitors.