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The same hardheadedness that required his wife to intervene in canceling a television interview is a stubbornness the U.
Thus, the name Taimboreva depicts one who has fallen into problems due to one's hardheadedness to pleas for him or her to mend her ways of behaving.
The ostensible hardheadedness of this line bears a resemblance to the ideological decoding fashionable in the 1930s and '40s, and again today; but Burke wears a more genial face than the Marxist or Foucauldian one.
A shame, since Arta Dobroshi in the title role displays just the right mix of vulnerability, hardheadedness and that peculiar sense of East European fatalism.
The apparent hardheadedness of there-is-no-alternative neoliberalism is a deceptive kind of anti-utopian politics, given it is the projects of the right that lately have proved most effective in figuring any kind of utopie realisable.
There's also McCain's temperament, his unimpressive intellect, unpredictability, his bigotry, arrogance, hardheadedness, legendary temper, instability, and his genius for making enemies among the faithful he needs for support.
In this and other ways, Davis's critique is more old Left than new, and it is somewhat refreshing in its hardheadedness and realism.
Much the same affectionate hardheadedness governed Ellen's dealings with her sometimes over-thrifty spouse.
It is likewise a mistake to privilege as epistemically favored one or another method of analysis, or families of methods with some favored characteristic, such as hardheadedness.
This hardheadedness has enabled them to climb high in a Premiership, that outside the elite three, is more about the ability to do battle than play football that is pleasant on the eye.
He has a reputation for composure and hardheadedness, but his public popularity remains uncertain.
In my opinion, 90 percent of all landlord-tenant problems are solved voluntarily, and for the 10 percent caused by hardheadedness or financial problems on either side, we already have a strong Oregon tenant rights law and a proactive county court system with free mediation.
The tenacity and hardheadedness that allows us to make our films was applied here and we refused to succumb.