hardening of the arteries

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New evidence emerged yesterday which supports claims that the popular painkiller paracetamol protects against hardening of the arteries, a major cause of heart disease.
Washington, October 3 ( ANI ): People who consumed one apple a day for four weeks have been found to have 40 percent lower blood levels of a substance linked to hardening of the arteries, a study has found.
Caption: CT scans of mummies from around the world reveal that hardening of the arteries has been a problem for more than 5,000 years.
Hardening of the arteries sounds like an old person's problem, but research shows it can have roots in childhood.
When LDL became oxidized, it takes on a form that begins atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries," notes nutritionist and lead researcher Robert DiSilvestro.
A Most people have heard of cholesterol, a type of fat in the blood that in high levels increases the risk of heart disease and strokes and hardening of the arteries.
These three medical conditions are caused by the build-up of bodily waste, leading to hardening of the arteries and ultimately resulting in organ failure, which is the major cause of coronary and vascular disease.
Experts believe higher blood serum levels lead to hardening of the arteries, which can cause heart attacks.
Over the study, there were 587 deaths from heart disease caused by narrowing and hardening of the arteries.
The technique, known as proteome analysis, requires only a urine specimen and shows promise as a reliable, non-invasive way to diagnose hardening of the arteries and coronary artery disease.
He has narrowing of the arteries in his leg, caused in this case not by worms, but by atheroma, a fatty deposit which causes hardening of the arteries.
12 /PRNewswire/ -- Peripheral arterial disease (PAD), hardening of the arteries in the leg, is a marker for premature cardiovascular events and vascular-related death.
Jane Salmon, a rheumatologist, teamed up to look at atherosclerosis - or hardening of the arteries - in patients with lupus, a chronic inflammatory disease.
Hardening of the arteries is associated with heart attack and stroke as they are more likely to become clogged with fatty deposits.
In a geological equivalent of hardening of the arteries, Old Faithful will eventually become clogged and die, a fate Westphal says has already befallen several nearby geysers.