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Synonyms for hardening

abnormal hardening or thickening of tissue

the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization

the act of making something harder (firmer or tighter or more compact)

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This study focuses on how the laser power and power density of a fiber laser affect laser hardening of medium-carbon steel samples in the hardness profile across the irradiated track, along the depth below the treated surface and in microstructures.
To identify the space distribution of the layer hardness after hardening, as well as the width and depth of hardened strip is most important for determining the degree of strip superposition, to obtain a uniformly hardened layer in the case of electron beam hardening of parts (Neagu, 1999).
This is the first of six Diamond Standard processors that GUC is hardening so designers can utilize TSMC's cost-effective foundry process with minimum integration cost and reduced risks.
But hardening of prices opens up new selling opportunities for those who want to take advantage of these cost-effective options.
The head of Erie Insurance Group said he sees the market for private-passenger automobile insurance hardening after years of price slashing.
Sporting a strong balance sheet, Everest Re (NYSE:RE) is well positioned to benefit from the expected hardening in the market.
By hardening the Diamond Standard Series processors, GUC enables today's systems and semiconductor companies to utilize TSMC's cost-effective foundry process with minimum integration cost and reduced risks.
Center for Policy & Compliance Translates Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Hardening Guides into Continuous, Enforceable Enterprise Policy
Hardening the internal network is a combination of two things: proactive network management and reactive threat response.
a leading provider of enterprise solutions for hardening the internal network, announced today the availability of the newest version of SecurVantage, a breakthrough product that allows companies and organizations to secure networks beyond the perimeter.
The first release will include templates for hardening the following systems, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP, IE 5.
In development for more than two years, the new Site Security Review Service and the System Security Hardening Service are both part of Invensys' expanding suite of LifeTime Performance Improvement Services, which now also includes both Loop Management and Alarm Management services.
Enterprise customers utilizing Arbor Networks' Peakflow X benefit from the solution's Safe Quarantine(TM), Worm Vaccine(TM), and Network Hardening capabilities.
The research aims to evaluate the applicability of Swagelok's patented surface hardening process to a broader range of corrosion-resistant steels to reduce energy consumption in a host of manufacturing industries.
The Hardening series is geared toward administrators in need of succinct reference books.