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Synonyms for hardcover

a book with cardboard or cloth or leather covers


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having a hard back or cover

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Hardcover ImageWrap covers are available now for all Blurb books, including existing titles.
Matrana, Hardcover, $40, University Press of Mississippi, www.
Detailed description of the object of the contract: of binding materials hardcover and fed press, according to the specification, which is an integral part of the tender documentation
Paperback با جلد گلاسه Hardcover با جلد گالینگور
Receive the original 11 X 17 artwork of the piece, the Crown 8 X 11 original art, a signed and numbered Hardcover copy of Time to Draw Boobs: Volume II: Fan Edition, a 12 X 18 Hardcover Club Exclusive Print and a .
If Viking waited, and Bush won, they could do well on the paperback edition without cannibalizing hardcover sales.
Originally published in hardcover in 1994 to high acclaim, this paperback version of the first English-language biography of an oft-forgotten early French Renaissance king should increase its availability and usefulness for students of Renaissance history and literature.
The prices are about as good as they get: 10 percent off the list price of most hardcover books; 30 percent off New York Times hardcover bestsellers and other special selections; classroom and volume discounts; remainder bins piled high with books priced low.
ISBN 1-57505407-8 for hardcover and ISBN 1-57505566-x for softcover.
To order the 506-page hardcover, use the form on p.
A History of the Diocese of Keewatin, The First Hundred years, 1902 to 2002, a hardcover book with about 75 illustrations, is now available for purchase.
Way Down Deep" by Ruth White, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 197 pages, $16 hardcover.
A reissue in paper capitalizes on the success of the recently released film and the hardcover edition.
Contemporary Issues in Financial Reporting: A User-Oriented Approach By Paul Rosenfield, CPA 562 pages; hardcover Routledge; New York, N.
Sales in the children's and young adult hardcover category were USD47.