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Antonyms for hardball

a no-nonsense attitude in business or politics

baseball as distinguished from softball

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Oduba (inset) said: "I absolutely love Hardball, it does exactly what it says on the tin
Garlick defended the club's hardball stance and insisted it had never once resulted in West Brom losing out on a player to a rival club.
Small businesses need to play hardball to ensure they are doing everything they can to encourage prompt payment, or else they will put their own business at risk.
If you indicate as a society that you're indifferent between a same-sex couple marrying and a heterosexual couple marrying, then it means our schools and other institutions are going to have to indicate that there is no difference whatsoever," he said on Hardball.
The winners in business have always played hardball.
Lynn said he expects Religious Right heavyweights, such as Dobson, to continue playing hardball politics to get their way.
Progressive voices are either not invited to--or are shouted down--in those form over-substance programs like Hardball with Chris Matthews and The O'Reilly Factor.
There is one brand of handgun ammunition that demonstrates consistently superior performance -- Federal Match hardball in .
25 ACP, the latest hollowpoints are no more effective than FMJ hardball.
Hill's story of how she ended up in the tree in the first place is a captivating one, as is her account of how she coped with the hardball capitalists running PacificLumber/Maaxam, contended with the media celebrity factory, kept other activists with their own political agendas at bay, and endured a not-always bucolic environment.
45 ACP has benefited greatly from updated loadings that surpass the traditional 230-grain/850-fps hardball (fully jacketed) load in efficiency and versatility.
Once Democratic operatives decided they were going to be as hardball as Lee Atwater, they adopted bare-knuckle tactics with the fervor of converts.
So you end up with a million rules, the NCAA playing hardball, everybody mad at everybody else, and chaos.
However, it would have been better served to do this in years past rather than foster the image of heavy-handedness that flows from its hardball business practices.
Playing hardball, McGee plans to strengthen his company's standing with a sales and distribution agreement with sister company Warner Home Video.