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Antonyms for hardball

a no-nonsense attitude in business or politics

baseball as distinguished from softball

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Unlock Prizes and fill you your Locker with Digital Jon and HardBall Ace Swag
Garlick defended the club's hardball stance and insisted it had never once resulted in West Brom losing out on a player to a rival club.
Hardball (Music From The Motion Picture) is executive-produced by So So Def's multi-platinum hitmaker Jermaine Dupri & Michael Mauldin, COO of So So Def Recordings.
But the pomp and ceremony surrounding the opening of the Freeway Sports Complex, a baseball and soccer facility 20 years in the making, quickly gave way to the gritty competition of hardball and the passion of parents watching their 5-year-olds slug a double.
For some reason they played hardball with the city,'' he said.
Its Tollin/Robbins Productions unit is responsible for the WB Network's new hit Smallville, HBO's Arli$$ and the motion picture Hardball, which was #1 at the box office for two weeks last fall.
A hardball attitude pays in the management of technological innovation as well.
If you indicate as a society that you're indifferent between a same-sex couple marrying and a heterosexual couple marrying, then it means our schools and other institutions are going to have to indicate that there is no difference whatsoever," he said on Hardball.
Now it seems he's been let off the leash, as Hardball bundles in three more sporting adventures for this little creature in addition to the classic arcade mode.
They have proved the most successful team in Liverpool with 18 victories from 21 matches, and have triumphed in the Catholic Hardball Cup, Liverpool Hardball League (shared), the Liverpool Robins Shield and Asda Kwik Cricket trophy.
Small businesses need to play hardball to ensure they are doing everything they can to encourage prompt payment, or else they will put their own business at risk.
and Hardball II baseball simulations, the Test Drive(TM) series of driving simulations, the Jack Nicklaus series of golf simulations, and Mike Ditka Ultimate Football(TM).
March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Accolade, a leading publisher of computer and video games, today announced plans to release Al Michaels Announces HARDBALL III(TM) for IBM PC and compatible computers in time for the opening of baseball season.
So So Def has also issued the movie soundtrack albums for Big Momma's House, Hardball and Like Mike, all executive produced by Dupri.
It is time for those who love Los Angeles to play hardball.