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Iger was commissioned to develop a hard-wearing grass by British Seed Houses Ltd, in the only UK-based grass breeding programme.
The hard-wearing clothes are machine washable, suitable for tumble drying and easy iron friendly.
Use them in a practical way, placing thick, hard-wearing rugs to lessen wear and catch dirt in heavy traffic areas, or decoratively, to draw a colour-scheme together.
The hard-wearing turf that covers the All England Tennis Club courts is grown from seeds specially developed at the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research (Iger) in Aberystwyth.
Because we see a lot of used equipment," she says, "we know which parts get worn out and can ensure we avoid common problems like the seat not being hard-wearing enough.
The durable jute and hard-wearing plastic bags are part of the store's BOBB, Bring Our Bag Back campaign.
The wilderness survivial expert joined with Craghoppers to produce a collection of durable and hard-wearing items of clothing and equipment.
Both notebooks feature Intel Centrino Duo processor technology and a matte black, hard-wearing textured plastic surface to minimize fingerprints, along with UV protection on the keyboard to guard keys from wear and tear.
Iger, the Aberystwyth-based Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research, has developed the hard-wearing, "staygreen" turf for the tournament.
She collected it and developed a range of hard-wearing products such as handbags and cellphone pouches.
Many companies have a hard-wearing slip resistant vinyl mounted on a firm foam backing.
The cost-effective devices are available in a wide range of sizes, all manufactured in hard-wearing 316 stainless steel.
Perlata is designed for use in large-scale commercial applications, providing a seamless, hard-wearing and durable interior finish.
According to the TPU Business Unit at Bayer MaterialScience, these new TPU materials used with fancy yarns will be ideal for hard-wearing, high-quality seating textiles--mainly for the automotive sector, but also for furnishings and protective sports and work attire.
Aggregates used in making asphalt are dried and need to be hard-wearing, crush-resistant and wettable by an organic binder (bitumen in the case of asphalt aggregates).