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of animals or plants that have a hard shell

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In their research, the scientists found that in contrast with the diet of hard-shelled fruits and seeds at the beginning of the movement of great apes to Eurasia, soft and mixed fruit-eating coexisted with hard-object feeding in the Late Miocene, and a diet specializing in leaves did not evolve.
Use examples of art created from gourds and discuss the many uses for hard-shelled gourds in various cultures.
Hard-shelled lobsters contain less water and are best for direct heat cooking.
Mouldings Kits come in reusable, hard-shelled plastic cases with a handle for hanging and carrying.
The LOGGERHEAD SEA TURTLE (Caretta caretta) is the largest hard-shelled turtle in the world with an average shell length of 31-48 inches.
The only other known organisms thought to have sported similar visual apparatus are some of the hard-shelled, segmented trilobite species that became extinct 230 million years ago.
Scientists hope to be able to establish that early linguistic ability (perhaps a teenage flair for hyperbole or imaginative use of symbol--"Then I looked down and saw the Baby Jesus lying in a bed of shredded lettuce in my hard-shelled luncheon taco and He beckoned me with the sweetest look to serve Him and be His Bride") is an indicator of a later onset of Alzheimer's.
Images of the sleek, translucent hard-shelled SeeThru can be found at www.
Chimpanzees use stones to crack open hard-shelled nuts in Cameroon's Ebo Forest, more than 1,700 kilometers (1,000 miles) east of a river previously thought to have prevented the inland spread of this behavior.
For participants, hard-shelled gourds offer the perfect canvases on which to etch designs or the perfect shape to fashion musical instruments.
The two-player game allows opponents to re-enact the hip and hard-shelled foursome, as they engage in martial arts mayhem against arch nemesis, Shredder and the Foot Clan.
The digestive tracts of both plesiosaurs also contained dozens of gastroliths, stones that paleontologists speculate were used to grind up hard-shelled prey and thereby aid digestion.
95) offers cooking and decorating ideas beyond toasted seeds and jack-o'-lanterns for these hard-shelled beauties.
These cartoners will be used to package hard-shelled gum, candy and breath mints into flip-top boxes and plastic vials.
Another dig yielded evidence that hard-shelled nuts were a dietary staple of human ancestors living in the Middle East 780,000 years ago (161: 117).