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The shell of the Doritos Locos Tacos is crunchier than other hard-shell tacos sold at Taco Bell.
Hard-shell lobsters are available for about six months, molting to soft shells by late June, so there's still time to enjoy them.
Large, hard-shell gourds are usually heavy with water and may take the longest to dry.
To grow and dry hard-shell gourds (Lagenaria siceraria) for craft purposes is to continue a practice that dates back 9,000 years to the Ocampo Caves in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.
Weighing about half as much as the hard-shell helmets (7 vs.
hard-shell helmets Foam bike helmets--usually made of expanded polystyrene, the same material used in most beverage coolers--were a great innovation when they were introduced a few years ago.
The all-new CandyShell View case for iPhone 4 has all the hard-shell, soft-center protection of a CandyShell, with a fun, functional twist: a kickstand that pops out so you can stand your phone up or on its side for FaceTime, watching videos, and more.
Connie Moore ("Look to the Trees for Hard-Shell Delicacies," November/ December 2012) uses rocks to crack nuts, and she also mentioned a nutcracker.
Bisphenol A is found in polycarbonate plastics--those used to make baby bottles and hard-shell water bottles--and in the lining of food cans.
The Lyc-O-Lutein line includes oil suspensions for soft-gel formulations and beadlet formulations for tablets and hard-shell capsules.
It's an inflatable kayak Santa couldn't get a hard-shell kayak down the chimney.
From snug neoprene sleeves to ultra-thin lightweight hard-shell covers, Speck's new cases for MacBook Air 11" and 13" all feature its trademark fashion-meets-function designs.
With soft fabric seamlessly fused to a hard-shell design, the Fitted protective case blends both style and protection.
Thousands of dried hard-shell gourds will be available for sale, along with a tri-tip barbecue and smoothies.
DRAPER, Utah -- NLU Products, a leader in the device protection market, launches two new cases for the Apple iPhone 4 from the Device Outfitters brand: Ciderz, ultra-thin side protectors with "flavor," and Shelter, a hybrid between a hard-shell and sleek case that absorbs shock and enhances speaker clarity.