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news that deals with serious topics or events

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For all hard-news letters, the key is that they are "little newspapers," serving a discrete nationwide community.
Unlike hard-news letters, they don't do much if any original reporting.
Each type of news story--hard-news sidebar, hard-news story, soft-news story, and first-person opinion piece--offers a different mix of narrator, structure of discourse, and treatment of basic facts.
In the typical hard-news story and hard-news sidebar, where the source's voice is obscured by the overpowering voice of the journalist as narrator, the reader is offered little more than basic facts, which provide little motivation for the reader to perceive the subject of the news story as an individual.
One way that editors and reporters deal with the private side of religion is to emphasize feature stories with a softer news focus than a hard-news lead, such as "Pope John Paul II said today.
Hot Wire is the twice-monthly "fax-breaking" hard-news companion to High-Tech Hot Sheet, a monthly mailed newsletter for technology marketing and communications professionals nationwide.
David Schleifer, director of Broadcast and Workgroups at Avid, said, "This installation is a natural extension of the digital news solutions that NBC purchased last year, because it allows NBC to tie together its hard-news editing environment with its long-form production - all on the same industry-standard platform.
of Augsburg) examines 100 newspaper articles and how they express opinion on both hard-news and tabloid stories using a framework she has developed for evaluating different types of discourse.
If there's just been a terrorist attack, they have to go into a hard-news mode and conduct serious interviews.
Resources are already being shifted from arts and entertainment coverage, from arts promotion and sponsorship and from the aforementioned columnists to longer hard-news reports.
With the introduction of NewsCutter Adrenaline FX, one model can now satisfy a number of purposes, including hard-news editing, documentaries and promotions.
CNN has to convey the impression that they are a serious hard-news network and concentrate the resources they haven't cut away to straightforward news.
Clinton's the biggest name in the world, and he'd be perfect to use in a hard-news show.
Anyway, what happened to Delugach and Walsh after they won their Pulitzer is an interesting story--one that maybe sheds some light on why the Post has not received a Pulitzer Prize for hard-news reporting since 1952.
Martha Rogers on CRM-related issues, and hard-news and feature articles about companies that implement one-to-one marketing and the technologies that drive CRM.