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news that deals with serious topics or events

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Confined to CDA of hard-news print media, the study is excellent; however, given that the study is not situated in a twenty-first-century media space, the claims made are not proven.
Nevertheless, the media gods tend to help those who help themselves, and it doesn't do hard-news advocates any favors if they turn an admirable commitment to serious news into a suicide pact.
For all hard-news letters, the key is that they are "little newspapers," serving a discrete nationwide community.
September 11 jolted all three magazines back to major hard-news coverage.
A variation on the hard-news format is the hard-news sidebar, which frequently presents factual news content without direct quotations from sources and without excessive detail.
It's kind of crude journalism to blend one's private life with one's public life to bring them down," says Dick Schwarzlose, a journalism professor at Northwestern University, noting that the activist underpinnings of outing could impair the impartiality of hard-news reporters.
Lessons learned: The basic lesson from all three sites is that they're viewed (and view themselves) as hard-news sites -- Cranfill's Dallas operation, for example, broke a worldwide story about Timothy McVey's Oklahoma City bomb confession, and they did it before the print operation had it on the newsstands.
One way that editors and reporters deal with the private side of religion is to emphasize feature stories with a softer news focus than a hard-news lead, such as "Pope John Paul II said today.
David Schleifer, director of Broadcast and Workgroups at Avid, said, "This installation is a natural extension of the digital news solutions that NBC purchased last year, because it allows NBC to tie together its hard-news editing environment with its long-form production - all on the same industry-standard platform.
Although Couric won praise for her Sarah Palin interview, she struggled to establish her hard-news credibility.
of Augsburg) examines 100 newspaper articles and how they express opinion on both hard-news and tabloid stories using a framework she has developed for evaluating different types of discourse.
If there's just been a terrorist attack, they have to go into a hard-news mode and conduct serious interviews.
Some offered haunting hard-news images, but there was plenty to smile about, too.
Anyway, what happened to Delugach and Walsh after they won their Pulitzer is an interesting story--one that maybe sheds some light on why the Post has not received a Pulitzer Prize for hard-news reporting since 1952.
With the introduction of NewsCutter Adrenaline FX, one model can now satisfy a number of purposes, including hard-news editing, documentaries and promotions.