hard line

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a firm and uncompromising stance or position

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This is not possible as long as the hard-liners are on the loose.
The expert added that Pyongyang, which recently lifted the high state of military readiness it had ordered in response to two months of military exercises conducted by South Korea and the United States that ended April 30, may be trying to alleviate the current state of high tension on the Korean Peninsula by changing a hard-liner with another officer.
HARD-LINERS IN ISRAEL (IHT/Asahi as translated from the Japanese-language Asahi Shimbun's editorial published April 8)
Militants have threatened bombings in res-ponse to the expected election of hard-liner Ariel Sharon, 73, as the country's new PM.
Sharon's decision to leave Likud sent shock waves through Israel, redrawing the political map, finalising his transformation from hard-liner to moderate and boosting prospects of progress in peacemaking with the Palestinians.
Calling Sharon a hard-liner or a warmonger is hardly anti-Semitic, contrary to what Schoenfeld seems to imply--but comparing the head of the Jewish state to Hitler, who sought to exterminate the Jews, is beyond obscenity.
An hard-liner against North Korea has been gaining a stronger presence in the administration of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi since he accompanied the premier to Pyongyang for landmark talks with the North's leader Kim Jong Il in September.
The hard-liner was left with no other option but to go for the February poll after he failed to restore his parliamentary majority.
Despite the collapse of the Communist Soviet Union in 1989, "We are still on our feet," Le Kha Phieu, the country's leading hard-liner and Communist Party chief, reminded the President.
But he was soon whipped back into shape by hard-liner Advocaat.
However, promoting a lightning rod like Gilchrist is typical GOP hard-liner mentality: cluelessly put forth an easily demonized Newt Gingrich type, then act mystified when voters and the media recoil against the entire party.
Three blasts went off several blocks from parliament yesterday as hard-liner Alvaro Uribe entered the building to take the oath of office.
Hard-liner Miri Regev, who was vying for chair of the Likud's Secretariat, lost out to Transportation Minister Israel Katz, who has held the position for 10 years.
Hwang, one of North Korea's top Japanese-language experts, faced off with Abe, a leading hard-liner against North Korea who has blocked Hwang's two attempts to obtain a visa to enter Japan.
Years later Kennan would characterize Forrestal as "sharp, tense, inquisitive, potentially very much a hard-liner.