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Synonyms for hard-line

firm and uncompromising

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We are deadly against Valentine's Day," said Sapan Dutta, a regional leader of the hard-line Shiv Sena group.
KCNA also said it has not seen any changes in Japan's policy toward North Korea since Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda took over from his hard-line predecessor in late September.
Of course, the real sticking point is that hard-line Muslims represent the most powerful faction within the UN-created artificial "nation" of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
According to Schweizer, Reagan's central virtue was his unbending belief in the evils of Communism and his willingness to maintain a steely hard-line in the face of those who lacked his internal fortitude.
While dancing is not technically banned in Iran, the context of dance performances is key in defining whether or not they are deemed acceptable by hard-line Islamic clerics, who wield great power in that country.
Newman argues that with the dawning of the Civil Rights Movement, three distinct groups formed in Southern Baptist culture: a hard-line conservative group committed to racism and maintaining segregation; a moderate group that did not favor rapid desegregation but nevertheless realized the evils of Jim Crow; and a progressive group committed to desegregation.
The United States has joined the Vatican and several hard-line fundamentalist Muslim nations in demanding that the phrase be modified.
The Spanish management of Aerolineas Argentinas and its hard-line unions have continued hammering at rescue plans, but there may be little of the carrier left to save when the dust clears.
Schindler (1887--1953) garnered precious little praise from hard-line International Style contemporaries or the press, but in the past three decades his aesthetic--a fusion of the reductivism of Adolf Loos and the planarity of Frank Lloyd Wright--has been celebrated as the exemplar of High Left Coast Modernism.
She took no one under her wing and adopted a hard-line approach: "I hate training people.
21 Kyodo Farmer and landowner Toichi Shito, who belonged to a hard-line faction opposed to the expansion of Narita airport, died Thursday of heart failure at a hospital in Chiba Prefecture, his family said.
The Cardinal sought to defend the document against charges of being restrictive and hard-line, saying the teaching was intended to inspire reverence towards the Eucharist: "One of the dangers we are experiencing is a lack of reverence among Catholics for the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.
Written between the beginning of the first War of Religion in the spring of 1562 and the end of the third war in August 1570, they display the reactions of a hard-line Catholic opposed to any compromise with religious dissidents.
The AR's mixture of hard-line Modernism, the Picturesque, love of tradition and surprise, Englishness and the exotic was conflated there.
Public pressure has already compelled the Clinton Administration to amend its initial hard-line position.