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firm and uncompromising

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Khadim Hussain Rizvi, a cleric known for his hard-line stance on blasphemy, celebrated the horrific incident in a Facebook post.
The source concluded by saying that the EU's persistence in following the policies of some of its hard-line members like France in pursuit of financial temptations from the Arab Gulf is an offense to all the EU states as it makes it subservient to others' policies and deprives it of having any positive role in the region and the world.
Netanyahu has been Israeli prime minister since 2009, taking a hard-line in Israel's relations with the Palestinians.
Both hard-line secularists and Islamists agree that the corruption probe into the Erdoy-an government was initiated by the "Fethullahists," who dominate the judiciary and the police, and demand that this "clandestine Fethullahist parallel state" be discovered and eliminated through what amounts to a witch hunt.
BEIRUT: Members of the Walda tribe from eastern Syria have denied pledging their loyalty to the hard-line Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS).
rhetoric have confused and angered supporters of hard-line conservatives who call the United States the "Great Satan".
The system Hard-Line eventually chose was originally developed by Hard-Line's partner company (which Hard-Line prefers to keep under wraps at this time) to be used in coal mining, so it had to be adapted to hard-rock mining.
Javanfekr also prompted a separate two-month ban on a reformist newspaper, Etemad, after it ran an interview with him criticising Ahmadinejad's hard-line opponents.
DIKO, although it had toned down its hard-line rhetoric slightly during the campaign, in order to keep its alliance with AKEL alive, saw its share of the vote fall by two percentage points on Sunday.
Yesterday's protests marked the beginning of the second week of valleywide protests by people from different walks of life called by the hard-line separatist leader, Syed Ali Shah Geelani.
ISRAELI TV exit polls last night showed moderate foreign minister Tzipi Livni edging out hard-line leader Benjamin Netanyahu in the general election.
Iran's top leader banned hard-line Iranian volunteers on Thursday from=20 leaving the country to carry out suicide bombings against Israel but warned= =20 that Iran would not spare any effort to assist the militant group Hamas in= =20 other ways.
Hard-line religious groups staged anti-Valentine protests in India yesterday claiming the country was at risk from Western-style promiscuity.
North Korea's official media said Saturday that Japan is throwing up hurdles in the six-party talks for the country's denuclearization, and urged Tokyo to change what it called a ''trite, hard-line and conservative'' approach toward Pyongyang.
TURNING TO IRAN, we explore recent protests by university students against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which could signal growing disenchantment with his hard-line rule.