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Synonyms for hard-hitting



Synonyms for hard-hitting

Synonyms for hard-hitting

characterized by or full of force and vigor

aggressively and persistently persuasive

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The post Federer subdues hard-hitting Struff appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
There's nothing more direct than sitting in your car behind a bus carrying a hard-hitting message.
Baka 'yung mga binanatan niya, kasi hard-hitting talaga siya, Macala said, when asked what could be the motive for the anchorman's killing.
Nigel Farage has defended a new immigration-centred Ukip poster campaign as 'a hard-hitting reflection of reality'
The 'Transformers' star supported his uncle during the hard-hitting recession and expected him to return the loan in 15 installments of 53,333 dollars each, but his uncle failed to repay anything.
He said: "We appreciate that this is quite an uncomfortable film to watch but evidence tells us that hard-hitting campaigns work.
The reality is that the 16 to 24 years age group continues to fall into a high-risk category for serious injury and death on our roads and we hope the hard-hitting Learn and Live roadshow will increase the students' understanding and awareness of the risks.
It is a simple and hard-hitting way to handle an emotive subject.
We are doing more to disrupt and seize alcohol and there will be hard-hitting operations from April.
A HARD-hitting film about the realities of gun crime is to be shown on Merseyside.
THE Domestic Abuse Programme should be a hard-hitting method of eradicating domestic violence.
This collection also holds the complete novel AFTER DOOMSDAY, and thus binds all drama and themes together in a hard-hitting, fast-paced collection perfect for any library that holds some of Anderson's works and wants a hard-hitting short story collection to add to the mix.
Supported by the Department for Transport (DfT), Brake has produced a safety DVD for firms which includes hard-hitting interviews with families bereaved by road crashes involving at-work drivers.
A hard-hitting anthology that stresses the importance of keeping a skeptical mind and holding trust in abeyance unless thoroughly earned.
A series of hard-hitting exclusives saw Jane Hamilton nominated in the Reporter of the Year and Himaya Quasem shortlisted in the Young Reporter category.