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In questions just a few moments ago, I did refer to Ms McVey as hard-hearted Hannah.
This is not the first time that Beijing has acted in a cold and hard-hearted way.
But even somebody as hard-hearted as him might feel some slight sense of shame at what he is doing.
He said his critics were trying to paint an image of a callous and hard-hearted government.
But hard-hearted as it may seem, someone is bound to be discomforted by these plans.
You'd have to be hard-hearted not to be moved by Fanning's touching performance but, equally, you'd have to be a clot to be manipulated by a storyline so syrupy.
But Swizzels Matlow insisted that those who questioned the motives behind releasing the figures were hard-hearted cynics.
It is the hard-hearted conditioning that we as correctional staff experience.
Of course, it's only a game and there will be those hard-hearted puritans who say it was only in the shortest form of that game that we slogged our way to glory.
and here is me thinking it was brought about by hard-hearted big business, shipping production to low-wage economies to improve profitability.
Hard-hearted bosses at Ticketmaster claimed they had sent an email about the date change to Kirsten, Ellis McGinty and Lee Robson, and refused to refund their cash.
Hard-hearted Ashley Cochrane befriended a Newcastle reveller then stole his wallet as he lay on the floor after being assaulted.
The employers' hard-hearted stance has only exacerbated an already strained situation and strengthened the resolve of our members to win a living wage.
Dickens' classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge, a hard-hearted miser who learns the value of love and family after being visited by the ghosts of Christmases past, present and future, gets the full Broadway treatment and promises to be as mesmerizing as the Madison Square Garden extravaganza.
We must be mad to continue with this hard-hearted and short-sighted habit.