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In a profession where you are in contact with people, especially people who are in crisis, pain, agony and distress, it is easy to gradually become hard-hearted due to the disassociation of feelings about the situation.
HARD-HEARTED bosses in Wales were labelled Scrooge today for sending 150,000 workers home on Christmas Day with no holiday pay.
But the highlight, without any doubt, was a searing performance of The Scientist, a beautifully executed ballad that would make even the most hard-hearted cynic shed a tear or two.
Rose brought home photos of church workers and soldiers and survivors, the broken-hearted and the hard-hearted, trying to make their way in a country racked with pain and violence.
But the logic seems especially hard-hearted when used to defend Clinton's Social Security plan.
You are not a hard-hearted bastard; just an arrogant and immature little scribbler.
Heiple's reading attempts to project the events of the poem into a "realm of archetypes in which they assume greater significance" (392), but does not radically challenge the way Garcilaso's text has always been understood - as the poet's plea to a hard-hearted woman on behalf of a male friend, now "feminized" by her rejections.
The hard-hearted reader is concerned with elevating literary theory to the level of primary texts.
Will you stop for a moment being the hard-hearted Hannah of the front bench and be a bit more compassionate about disabled young people looking for work?
She's supposed to in love with his brother, Pete, but she's not so hard-hearted that a pity-snog, above, is entirely out of the question.
She's supposed to be in love with his brother, Pete, but she's not so hard-hearted that a pity-snog, above, is entirely out of the question.
But hard-hearted as it may seem, someone is bound to be discomforted by these plans.
The boss of hard-hearted Hartnett, Chancellor George Osborne, must surely not want to alienate taxpayers further when they are unhappy at the prospect of having to pay more.
Muslims, Sikhs and Buddhists pray to their Gods and attend their place of worship but the British people have become complacent and hard-hearted and have no place in their lives for God.
But, in the hard-hearted world of Diageo, money is god.