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Mike Anderson, a 51-year-old Palestine charter school superintendent, said the hard-headedness has roots in segregation.
Now we hope the president will assemble a team that matches in competence and hard-headedness his own determination.
As with other hard-core bands, the Detonators were loosely associated with the anarchy movement, but Hartnell says the hard-headedness of the cause eventually drove the band away.
The hard-headedness of the editors is beneficial in the judicious introduction, which sticks to the facts and manages (deliberately or otherwise) to discredit some modern interpretations of Walewein by summarizing their arguments baldly.
Cassidy also believes that Sheena's hard-headedness is the result of being a teen idol who "was taken advantage of" financially by management until she learned enough about show business to stand up for herself.
But Sian's new friend has a fearsome reputation for hard-headedness in business.
Despite every indication that he would be re-elected in a landslide in 1972, Nixon fretted that year that he needed better ``propaganda'' on the Vietnam War, more political hard-headedness from his Supreme Court appointees and a purge of thousands of CIA employees whom he feared were disloyal.
Accuse me of being seduced by a populist bandwagon if you like, but I am fully aware that selecting a Test team requires a business-like hard-headedness, with no room for sentiment.
In fact, Bush's frankness in style and perennial hard-headedness could actually be an asset as he tries to mediate the seemingly insolvable Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
Few things sum up the mix of hard-headedness and farce that binds together so much of the UK's constitution than that moment, with the Prime Minister reduced to music hall ditties instead of letting the public know when they were expected to register their views.
However, once in office she demonstrated a combination of hard-headedness and common sense which belied her image as a left-wing extremist.