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Now, plunging wildly forward, while hard-headedly out of control I told both of my little buddies to "stick it.
But when travelling the world in the eighties for Tarmac plc, from North America to Africa and trying to be hard-headedly dispassionate, I have to say that she generated such outstandingly incredible public relations.
The 60-year-old is following a long line of men who have made their money hard-headedly and given it away again by failing to apply the same principles to racing, but at least this is one highflyer who isn't coming in to the game with dizzy ambitions.
He denied that he was a "euro-fanatic" or that he wanted to join the single currency as soon as possible and said that he believed most people wanted the Government to act "cautiously and hard-headedly in their interests".
Podhoretz presents Bush, more hard-headedly and much more convincingly, as being just the opposite sort of person: a man so completely absorbed in his own drama of success, failure, and popularity that he could barely notice anything else.