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A little hard-headed, Ripstone pippin-faced man, was conversing with a fat old gentleman in one corner; and two or three more old gentlemen, and two or three more old ladies, sat bolt upright and motionless on their chairs, staring very hard at Mr.
There ain't a better spot o' ground in all Kent, sir,' said the hard-headed man with the pippin--face; 'there ain't indeed, sir-- I'm sure there ain't, Sir.
There ain't a better spot o' ground in all Kent,' said the hard-headed man again, after a pause.
The hard-headed man looked dubiously round, but finding himself in a minority, assumed a compassionate air and said no more.
Saying which, the old lady, quite unconscious that she had spoken above a whisper, drew herself up, and looked carving-knives at the hard-headed delinquent.
Like Hannah, he was hard-headed and often gruff, but when he laughed the sound came from deep inside and seemed to engage every part of his body".
On one side the Virgin boss is a hard-headed, determined businessman with a Midas touch.
This hard-headed critique updates our understanding of economics for the twenty-first century, exposing a system with devastating consequences even for those who think they are not vulnerable.
McColl is a hard-headed businessman and won't let sentimentality get in the way.
BRITAIN must take a hard-headed and longterm approach to intervening in the Iraq crisis or the problems there will "hit us at home", David Cameron has said.
They said I am very hard-headed because I landed right on my head and I have a scar, hence my new hairdo.
The Tottenham Hotspur manager told a jury "I am a fantastic football manager not a hard-headed businessman" as he denied tax dodging.
But the barrister added: "Talented and popular he might have been, the Crown say he was nevertheless a hard-headed businessman, with a financial acumen and pecuniary sense of his influence to his employers.
There will be a "clear hard-headed recognition" of where families are going wrong, the Prime Minister will say in a speech to charities later.
hard-headed about how we go about advancing our national interests.