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physically toughened so as to have great endurance

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For Israeli Jews, it is the long-proven false belief that hard-handed responses to violent acts and repression will keep Palestinian anger and frustration in check.
We are the hard-handed men of Athens, the rude Mechanicals: the tailor,
Apart from a top-down hard-handed approach, stamping out the trade will require educating fishermen of the different types of sharks in regional waters and their status.
They analyze how his personal greed and illegal actions was (a) core to the conflict at the national level, and (b) how his hard-handed and martial like treatment of the south exacerbated the frightening situation there.
His hard-handed push back to Steyn to be caught and bowled second ball was an error a player of his calibre should not make.
mf, meno moss, con calma e rassegnazione) This hard-handed and obdurate, Transfixed, never-learning, Vengeful and violent Holy Land ape.
In a move that reminded some of the hard-handed tactics of a certain Seattle-based software firm, Cadence went to the media to make its buyout overtures known to the world after Mentor rebuffed them behind closed doors.
The fact is that modern batsmen encounter well-controlled finger-spin so rarely, that their hard-handed technique makes them sitting ducks.
As for the international criticism of Israel's hard-handed military response, Gordon says it is clear that if Hizbullah had the ability, it would wipe out Israel, while Israel would never do such a thing to Lebanon.
The hard-handed grip of the pirate on our collective imagination remains an unsolved cultural puzzle.
It's a style not suited for the faint of heart - San Francisco lost potential stars Ra'oof Sadat and Dony Wilcher the last two years because they couldn't handle Mathews' hard-handed approach.
They make the mistake of supposing that these hard-handed multitudes are more selfish, or more thick-headed, or more wicked than the rest of us, and the idea that such people actually have opinions of their own, seems to them quite ridiculous.
Perhaps the "Negotiable Nineties" will replace the rather hard-handed approach to employee benefits shown in Washington in the past.
For Israeli Jews, it is the long proven false belief that hard-handed responses to violent acts and repression will keep Palestinian anger and frustration in check.
The incident was a rare example in which Egyptian security forces agreed to a negotiated, peaceful resolution rather than a hard-handed crackdown.