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I also wonder why it always has to be an Irishman or a Scot who plays the hard-drinking, hard-fisted loser.
At the end the facts of life were brought home to him by the hard-fisted American bargainers at Bretton Woods.
15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A force in leading the Detroit Red Wings to four Stanley Cup championships, NHL great Darren McCarty has taken off the gloves, again, to bring his hard-fisted negotiating skills to a new rink, American Jewelry and Loan, the store featured on truTV's biggest hit series "Hardcore Pawn" (Tuesdays, 9:00 p.
Blagojevich appealed to the senators in a 45-minute speech, defending himself as a practitioner of hard-fisted Chicago-style politics.
However, the Dodgers appear to be hard-fisted with Brown this time.
When she finally cracked open the faded cover, she found an action- packed tale of cowboys and cattle barons, shootouts and watering holes, soft-spoken but hard-fisted heroes and chaste women ever in need of protecting.