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We will be driving hundreds of miles over hard-baked sands and having to sleep in a tent in a region where the temperature can drop down to 10 below zero.
The clanging and revving and crunching serve as warning to the rotting, mulching brick, the hard-baked brick, the flaking, cracking, chipping, weakening brick taking hold of the house like a battered hero clung to a cliff wall, praying he'll see tomorrow.
But people in hot climates have adapted to high temperatures in ways that residents of the Willamette Valley have not, with air-conditioned houses, backyard swimming pools and hard-baked attitudes of stoic resignation.
We looked about us: the ground was flat, hard-baked earth, the soldiers had not dug in and there was nowhere to take cover.
And with hot weather forecast for all five days and a hard-baked pitch offering little but heartbreak for the seamers, Monty's paperwork could be the 'write' stuff for England.
Progress was slow because of the difficulty of tracking just two buffalo across hard-baked soil.
Hard-baked politicians are often swayed less by principle than by considering which people they can or cannot bring themselves to walk through a lobby with.
The last African Nations Cup suffered from a lack of goals on the hard-baked, lumpy pitches of Mali, but host nations Tunisia should bang a few in tonight against lowly Rwanda.
While athletes in this country were coming up against the usual muddy ground at this time of year, the Chester-le-Street runner faced a course in Seville that was hard-baked and more akin to our old shale running tracks.
The absence of any reference to 'The Lees of Happiness' here seems a missed opportunity, for this is a story with a classic Fitzgerald inadequate mother, a living-death experience, and the totemistic dozen hard-baked biscuits nailed to the wall of Jeffrey and Roxanne's kitchen.
We set off for Pano Panagia, a small village in the hills and the birthplace of Archbishop Makarios - a humble one-roomed affair with a hard-baked floor and an annexe for animals.
And yet, despite her hard-baked litany of abuses suffered and her often scatological subject matter, she has a charming way with language.
The natural habitat of these hairless, gerbil-sized rodents is far from these rooms, in the hard-baked soil of dry regions in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.
Hit a ball off the tightly cut, well-defined fairways and it might bounce off the hard-baked desert floor and into a kangaroo rat hole.
Suffering Andy Coltart cracked up on the hard-baked greens yesterday as his New Zealand Open title hopes bit the dust.