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We looked about us: the ground was flat, hard-baked earth, the soldiers had not dug in and there was nowhere to take cover.
And with hot weather forecast for all five days and a hard-baked pitch offering little but heartbreak for the seamers, Monty's paperwork could be the 'write' stuff for England.
Hard-baked politicians are often swayed less by principle than by considering which people they can or cannot bring themselves to walk through a lobby with.
The last African Nations Cup suffered from a lack of goals on the hard-baked, lumpy pitches of Mali, but host nations Tunisia should bang a few in tonight against lowly Rwanda.
While athletes in this country were coming up against the usual muddy ground at this time of year, the Chester-le-Street runner faced a course in Seville that was hard-baked and more akin to our old shale running tracks.
We set off for Pano Panagia, a small village in the hills and the birthplace of Archbishop Makarios - a humble one-roomed affair with a hard-baked floor and an annexe for animals.
And yet, despite her hard-baked litany of abuses suffered and her often scatological subject matter, she has a charming way with language.
Hit a ball off the tightly cut, well-defined fairways and it might bounce off the hard-baked desert floor and into a kangaroo rat hole.
Suffering Andy Coltart cracked up on the hard-baked greens yesterday as his New Zealand Open title hopes bit the dust.
9 GPa for hard-baked Probimide 400 series films (10, 13, 14).
Sometimes the road passes fields empty and hard-baked, growing only stones and small eddies of dust.
The second Coventry pairing of Sheila Eburne and Hugh Evans had problems controlling boules on the hard-baked piste and the contrasting style of John Kemp and Josette Whick led the team from Blossomfields to a solid 13-6 win.
We looked about us; the ground was flat, hard-baked earth, the soldiers had not dug in and there was nowhere to take cover.
But as Michael Vaughan spilled a crucial catch and his bowlers laboured on a hard-baked pitch, Afridi's unbeaten 67 from 62 balls was better value than all the fun of the fair.