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one who is industrious and diligent in carrying out tasks or duties


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DON'T feel like a loser - it's not as if you're not trying and everyone knows you're a hard worker.
Daughter Margaret, 42, of Cotswold Gardens, Lobley Hill, Gateshead, said: "Mum was always such a hard worker.
Karen is a hard worker, at long last they will have an opportunity of getting an MP who is active in the community.
I know him to be an honourable gentleman and a very hard worker for his community and I wish him well.
Jeffrey is just an extremely hard worker who's spent countless hours in the gym," coach Scott Switalla said.
She has skills--she is a hard worker and she is a talented singer--but frequently she is misguided and naive.
Andrew started his tennis relatively late, around the age of nine, but he's a very hard worker and keeps calm on the big points which is why he has had so many excellent results lately and why he has started to beat many of the other Warwickshire county lads who were once well ahead of him.
County Commissioner of Planning Jerry Mulligan, said, "Suzette is an amazingly hard worker, team leader and enthusiastic public employee, and she cares deeply about the people she's serving.
Once again, a hard worker is being honored with a leadership award.
She's a hard worker and really wants to do her best.
He was a hard worker and did a lot of schooling for us.
If you're a hard worker and you're willing to think outside the box, then the opportunities are endless.
My mother coped successfully with a lot of knotty problems--not to mention knotty people--and my father was both a hard worker and a daily communicant.
Hard worker, overly analytical, protective, worrier.
I know people who worked with him at Grasshopper FC in Zurich a few years ago, they said he was a goalscorer and a hard worker even then and it's good if you can have that combination in a player.